Is it Synchronicity or just Coincidence?


Has it happened to you?

The phone rings, and the person says, 

“Hi!  It’s been ages, and I just wanted to call you!” 

Your heart skips a beat, you smile, and say, 

“Wow, I was just thinking of you today!”

Or perhaps you have had this experience:

You need an outfit for that special occasion. Time is really short. You wander in to one shop, and there it is!  In your size, the right colour, and at a great price! Like it was waiting for you. And it’s a perfect fit!

It is the seeming effortlessness with which items or events occur, that makes me feel that something is a synchronistic event.

You meet someone who knows just what to say to you, at the time you needed to hear it.

They did not know this. It could not have been planned or scripted that way.

How do you feel when you experience a Synchronistic event?

You feel different when compared to an event that appears to be “just a coincidence”.

 The Oxford Dictionary definition and the difference between the two words, Synchronicity and Coincidence is described below. 

 1 Synchronicity is often thought of being two events occurring at the same time. I was fascinated to find out that it was Carl Jung who coined the phrase in the 1950’s.

 2 Co-incidence is often considered to be two events that are not possible to be related at all. (The origin is from Latin, in early 17th Century.)

Such as when two people who don’t know each other, attend the same party wearing the same outfit. As embarrassing as it sometimes can be, there was no way that each person could have known what the other person was planning to wear. So there is usually no animosity toward the other person. (Or shouldn’t be anyway).

When it is more than a coincidence

I feel that synchronicity is fascinating as it often deals with the non-physical aspects of our world. What I prefer referring to as the spiritual plane of life.

Many people feel that what you see is what you get. 

That this place we call earth is just that… filled with trees, cars, buildings, animals, and people. Lots of people doing often unrelated activities, who are aiming to earn a living to pay their bills.

While I agree with this aspect of life I feel that there is more to our earth than just buildings, people, animals and trees.

Sometimes we meet people and have an experience that is more than just a coincidence of time and place.

You may have been thinking of someone earlier in the day that you may not have seen for some time. You then bump into them when you are out.

Or perhaps you need a product or service that then presents itself without much effort that appeals to my sense of synchronicity.

The power of synchronicity, or just a co-incidence?

Some people feel that everything must have a logical and scientific explanation as to what happens and why.

It is when the why cannot be logically explained in terms that we can easily understand or accept. It is not being naïve or illogical. It is just that when an event occurs that resonates highly with both people, as to “being in the right place at the right time” it can then often be viewed -and hopefully accepted- as being a synchronistic event.

It is because of synchronicity, that our lives can have more exuberance and joy.

There is emotional comfort from experiencing synchronicity in our lives. 

If you have not had this experience yet, then look out for more events in your life that have no pre-arranged time frame for making them occur. Events that have happened with no planning or could not have been predicted. You will then likely experience more awareness around an event being synchronistic in action.

It is much more enlivening to live life having these wonderful experiences. 

Our daily grind and routine often rob us of the other dimensions of our lives. We are human beings with a soul. We feel, we have emotions. We can’t touch these things within us, but we know they exist. 

The same goes for synchronistic events. We can’t touch the other energies of events occurring that draw us together. But they do exist.

So next time that you experience a seemingly unrelated event, and pass that off as “being a coincidence” maybe take a moment to think, and see how it felt. You might find that you will have a whole new outlook, and joyful experiences if you allow the power of synchronicity into your life. 

Who knows who you will meet, what you will discover, or where it will take you? 

Your life is an adventure. Enjoy the journey.