Take A Risk: Listen To and Follow Your Inner Voice

Take A Risk: Listen To and Follow Your Inner Voice by Laurie Seymour #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #InnerVoice

Take A Risk: Listen To and Follow Your Inner Voice by Laurie Seymour #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #InnerVoice

You can read all the books, follow all the steps, write affirmations to the moon and back, but unless you begin to feel this invisible, yet palpable buzz, this infinite force that flows through you and connects you to all that is, you will spend your life searching. – Pam Grout

To Know Your Next Step, Cultivate Your Inner Voice:

Are you feeling like it’s long past time to move ahead with your new project? Or even a different life, whatever that might be? But you’re caught on pause, unsure if the ducks you’ve lined up just so, are enough. You’re wondering if you have what it takes.

Yet, when you still yourself long enough, you feel pulled by your desire. Then you hold back, stuck on pause, and you feel pushed.

Realize that there is an interplay that takes place with your inner awareness, your actions, and the Universal energetic life force. When you are contemplating a change of any kind, this interaction creates a flow that moves you forward or pulls you back.

Inner Guidance is Real:

When you access your inner guidance, you move through life with purpose and direction. Inner guidance invites you into an intimate dialogue with life.

It may show up as a glimmer, an idea, or a picture. Then it waits for a response from you. You actively receive the invitation by your willingness to explore it. Then, as you pay attention to what emerges, you begin to give it form.

Your next action determines the potential of this dialogue.

Why Discount the Value of Your Inner Voice?

You could choose to ignore the inner call, discounting its value. If you choose this path of non-trust, you will always be looking outside of you for the “right” answer, lacking confidence in your steps. Sound familiar?

When you undermine yourself like this, you stop the natural flow of creativity. That isn’t what you want, is it?

You have a choice here.

You can choose to pay attention to what your inner guidance presents to you. To explore and to take action. This allows you to search deep within yourself, to research how this new idea applies to your life. It is a deliberate action taken to uncover and expand. In taking action, you are no longer a “victim of life’s circumstances,” or subject to the “whims of fate.”

You are, instead, both the receiver and the director of your life.

Inner Research Connects You with Your Inner Voice:

Through this kind of inner research, you build a lasting relationship between your vision and the energy available to bring it into manifestation. You cement a bond with the idea that you can explore further in the future. You give this idea energy and a life force that moves towards manifestation.

Of course, there are questions to consider and steps to take. So as the picture or idea unfolds, pay attention to new questions that come to mind. These give substance and detail and point towards action for you to take. Be patient. It takes practice to pay attention and take action in this way.

It Requires the Willingness to Take Direction from Your Inner Voice:

As you work this way with life, you develop an intimate relationship with your inner voice. With trust, your voice grows stronger. You learn to count on it to guide your actions, taking steps with confidence. Let your feeling body guide you. As you establish this dynamic of inner-directed exploration, it becomes a new way of living. Your creativity and individuality blend with your inner voice for self-expression.

Are you willing to take a risk, to listen, and follow your inner voice?

– Laurie

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