Taking Smaller Steps Towards Your Bigger Dreams

Where do you start in achieving a dream life? Especially if the life you’re currently living is far from your ideal picture? That’s a very good question!

Let’s begin with an example

Imagine that you don’t like your house. It’s too small, there’s not enough room for you and you really want a bigger place. If you’re vague about wanting “a bigger house” you don’t really have anywhere to start. You can start with baby steps, and the first step is asking why? What would having that bigger house give you? The answers you come up with will give you both a checklist for your dream house and information you can work with right NOW.

How could you use the space that you\’re in now to make your current house feel a little bit closer to the dream house you want in the future? Could a declutter help? Maybe free up a space that’s not used and make it yours? Decorate so that you love the place you are in just a little bit more? Add some Feng Shui energy? You’re very unlikely to have a dream home just drop in your lap, I’m not going to lie.

So, while you are waiting, and working towards your future, create as many of the qualities from your dream life in the now.

What about your work and career?

How would your ideal career look and how would it make you feel? Dare to dream big. Think about what you want to do and more importantly why you want to do it. What will you get from it? How can you get some of that good feeling now from what you are already doing? If you want to bring in more money, there could be ways you could create more income streams while you work on your big plan. You might find that some of the things you want from your dream job you already have. That’s the beauty of really thinking about the dream life you want to create; as soon as you start focusing in on the why and the what, you start to appreciate that you’re already part of the way there.

One of the most transformational skills is learning to recognize those times when you actually have what you want already! Sometimes we don’t notice it because it didn\’t come in the package that you expected.

I’ll be honest; I really want a beach house. I love to be warm and I hate cold winters, so my dream life would always include a beach house. I had been telling myself that I need to buy a beach house for years and focusing on the buying. But what if I changed my focus? There might be someone I know who has a beach house but who wants to rent it out sometimes. I get a part-time beach house, and I’m partway to my dream just like that. Or I could come across an opportunity to run a bed and breakfast on the beach. There are so many different ways our dream life can show up. And I trust that it will.

It’s awesome to have big dreams and goals!

I\’ve no doubt that I\’m going to have my beach house one day, but I also don\’t have to wait for it to appear to experience my dream life. I can do that right here and right now, and so can you.

~ Gael

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