Tapping into the Physical with Muscle Testing

Tapping into the Physical with Muscle Testing by Zina Canton #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MuscleTesting

Tapping into the Physical with Muscle Testing by Zina Canton #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MuscleTesting

For decades, I have been a seeker; I looked around corners and checked under rocks to find answers to questions I had about myself, and the world.

I finally realized that as I looked to others for answers, I was looking through THEIR filters of my life. Hmm… weird that I would even trust and want information about myself from someone else’s perspective.

With that powerful insight, I got clear that the knowledge I was seeking couldn’t come from a clearer place than my own connection to the inner wisdom inside of me.

In this discussion, I would like to share a few valuable and useful practices I came across that have given me accurate insights and answers to any and all issues in my life.

Before we go into the details I’d like to address a few quick components that will help you better use these techniques. When we use our physical and non-physical tools that we already have, when used together, we, in turn, receive powerful and clear answers. What do I mean by physical (your body and emotions) and non-physical tools (your intention and intuition)?

What do I mean by physical (your body and emotions) and non-physical tools (your intention and intuition)?

Here are two pre-steps for you… We need to rely on both the physical and non-physical to access the body (your vehicle) and to gain clarity to the answer (your request).

  • Intention– setting a way of being, stating a request and allowing excited anticipation, trust and faith to bring you your answer. The way we are feeling eliminates any action or doing portion.
  • Intuition– allows all your insights and synchronicities to come together, and allow the answer to your question to come through.

As we dive into these practices, remember to set an intention and to use your intuition to see and understand the answers you receive.

Muscle Testing for “Yes and No”

Muscle testing is a simple and natural method of analyzing your needs by using the body’s reflexes. It is very precise and scientific and is a modern version of a very old technique.

Simply stated, muscle testing evaluates the electrical network or grid which surrounds and flows through the body. If this grid is in balance then the body will be stronger and aligned with a “yes” and if the body is weaker and out of balance this will reflect a “no”.

Here’s how to use Muscle Testing on Yourself:

Here’s a pre-step before we start, focus intensely on the question or problem for which you need an answer. Imagine and set the intention that by using this technique, you will get the correct answer you need to move forward.

Form an “okay sign” with both your hands

muscle testing

muscle testing

Link the circles of each hand together. Try to break the okay sign with the circle fingers of the dominant hand. If the okay sign does not break then the answer is “yes.”

muscle testing

If you break the okay sign with the circled fingers of the dominant hand, the answer is “no.”

Remember to stay focused on getting a clear answer to your question.

Ask yes and no questions and start with a test question that you know is a “no” answer. For example, Is my name Susan Smith, or John Smith? (of course, if your name is Susan Smith, you’ll be looking for a “yes” answer). Once you’re feeling confident in the accuracy of this technique you can ask any Yes/No question to get clarity on anything in your life.

Body Reflection

This technique focuses on the deep inner self that has a wealth of answers to share with you. This is the part of you that always wants the best for you, and will also resist anything that is not in our best interest. This inner-self relies on feeling and “gut reactions” to anything it is presented with.

By paying close attention to our bodies we are given accurate information for how to move forward. If we pay close attention to any tangible tension or resistance when we try to take the wrong path, and in turn get joyful, excited and lit up when we take the right path.

Sometimes it’s not that clear-cut. What happens when our body gives us mixed messages? For example, when we feel attracted to someone, but they have a reputation for being not so nice or you want to quit a job but the company benefits are awesome.

In each of these cases it is important to look at the situation and break it down into pieces, then reflect on your body’s sensations and get answers piece by piece. You might have strong negative reactions to one piece while being drawn toward another. For example, maybe that not so nice person you’re attracted to, there are qualities you need to learn about yourself. That is the lesson here not necessarily a long-lasting relationship. In the case of the job you want to quit, you may find that this is more about the fears you have or an example of your comfort zone and not the company benefits at all.

Remember, life invites us to experience very complex situations, but gaining an insight and getting answers is often times simple and easy. Just break it down into smaller pieces and check into your body to reflect on each piece. Stay alert to very strong feelings of aversion in your body, not just fear but aversion. Following our hearts and our own truths are often scary, but the fear feels clean, more at the surface and does not spoil the desire or excitement of what it is we desire. When there is a deep aversion, you can feel weak, or sickened.

Distinguishing between negative body reactions and a series of yellow flags is key to negotiating our complicated thoughts and bringing light to your blind spots. Try this new experience of feeling and looking at any discomfort or overwhelm that comes up, take the time to read your body and reflect on what is has to share with you. It will be well worth your time as you become more discerning and less likely to make unconscious choices.

– Zina

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