Are You Tethered to A Safety Net? Break Free and Soar

Are You Tethered to A Safety Net? Break Free and Soar by Kristi Borst #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SafetyNet #BreakFree #Freedom

Are You Tethered to A Safety Net? Break Free and Soar by Kristi Borst #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SafetyNet #BreakFree #Freedom

I Quit My “Day Job” Then Saw My Safety Net Had Been Holding Me Back!

Are you connecting, to varying degrees, with a greater purpose for your life?

Or perhaps you’re not quite at that point but know your current job is “just a job.” You know there’s something more out there for you, but you haven’t fully connected. Like me, have you been wearing multiple hats cultivating your dream while working a “day job?”

Most of us need a day job. It provides for our here and now; it helps fuel where we want to go. When we focus on these benefits, the day job seems to provide security and balance; but there are downsides. We lose sight of the fact that we’re actually diluting our efforts by dedicating so many hours of our life and energy to that thing we don’t necessarily want to be doing.

Take the Leap of Faith:

I’ve repeatedly read and heard the advice “When you’ve found your life’s purpose, your soul path, you should drop everything and jump wholeheartedly into it!” That wasn’t my truth, path, or experience. But I realized I may have been missing part of the equation that I now see.

A couple of months ago, I quit my day job a thirty-one-year, near a full-time position that was also my passion for many of those years. About ten years ago, things began shifting for me. After much inner healing and spiritual expansion, I reconnected with my innate quantum healing abilities. Since opening Healing Resonance LLC with Kristi Borst six years ago, I’ve stepped increasingly forward, more publicly owning and integrating my abilities.

Your Safety Net Will Protect You:

My day job has been my “safety net.” Yet, at some point, I can see I’d become entangled in the net! Perhaps it was just holding one ankle, but it was still holding me back.

This past fall I received Higher Self messages to “stop hiding.” The messages seemed ironic because in stepping forward as a natural-born spiritual healer, intuitive, alternative medicine practitioner, and channel for Healing Resonance, I felt so “out there.”

I never saw nor fully appreciate how much wearing two hats was preventing me from really being ME. I couldn’t see that in some ways I was truly hiding my light, my abilities, and my purpose.

The more we fragment ourselves, stepping back from our true purpose, for whatever reason, the less we serve ourselves and, therefore, the Highest Good. Much of my time, talents, and treasured inner peace were being focused away from my dream and toward my day job.

At some point in the last year, or perhaps even longer ago, I’d crossed a threshold and the income I was earning at my day job became subordinate to how much this safety net was holding me back. Since I hadn’t expected that, I wasn’t watching for it.

The Universe Provides:

As I freed myself from the nearly 24/7 demands of my day job, I had more time to look for and explore opportunities to share my Healing Resonance and Perspective Reboot® integrative healing and empowerment messages with others. Plus, I was happier, freer to be ME! People, connections, opportunities which had seemed invisible just weeks before came into view or easily fell into place.

Were there suddenly more opportunities available to me? Or was I looking with better seeing and scope? Was this the phenomenon of “just have faith and The Universe will provide,” a concept I’d felt always questioned my faith?

The Winning Equation:

Ultimately, I’ve always felt something more than faith was required for success but I didn’t have the formula. Perhaps that’s why it never seemed to be the right time for me to take the leap and quit my day job. At one point, I’d even hired a business coach who said: “just pick an end date and stick with it.” Those dates came and went multiple times!

Now that I’m out of the situation, I see the other aspects in the equation of success. As we move forward dedicated fully to our path, purpose, or passion, there’s a powerful trilogy at play: Faith, Focus, and Force.

Since quitting my day job, I’ve been less fragmented and more focused. My focus on doing what I want to do has given me a broader view from which I see more. I seek more! I find more! My commitment and focus simultaneously create a force that helps me find the resources or the resources find me!

Beware of the Snare:

Only you can appreciate and assess the balance between a steady income from your day job and the cost of essentially delaying giving focus and force to the dreams you hold dear. Do your best to create a secure financial platform but be ever-mindful of the safety net’s tendency to actually unravel and become a snare.

By the nature of not fully engaging with your dreams and purpose, the safety net will always be holding you back.

Be aware and watchful. Are YOU holding yourself back? Fear is just another name for self-sabotage. And, when you find your unique way to be of service, that thing you can do to make our world better, it helps no one if you live as a smaller version of yourself.

When you do “take the plunge” and are flying through time and space with your purpose as wings, you may find you are virtually unstoppable. In the meantime, watch your footing. And, don’t stand on the mountain top too long or you may never realize you always knew how to fly!

You cannot fly when your ankles are tethered to the safety net.

We have to be making the effort to LOOK, SEE, DO, and BE before we see what is beyond our current looking and seeing and doing and being.

Stretch, and you can soar!

In light and love,

– Kristi

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