The Age of Intuition: Cultivating Stillness

The “Being” Consciousness of Life

Leading a heart intuitive life is wonderful and rewarding, yet it comes with challenges of breaking through traditional norms and societal conditioning. When I encourage my clients to “follow your heart” I realize there is a missing piece. It’s not always easy to follow your heart by becoming still and listening to the heart’s intuitive voice and messages of guidance when it is not a regular practice. It becomes even more challenging to practice when the mind chatter and ego announcements keep broadcasting messages of tradition, condition, and permission.

Being raised on a constantly busy dairy-crop farm, if all members of our family weren’t doing-doing around the clock to contribute to the daily chores and farm life responsibilities, we were labeled lazy, spoiled, and at times irresponsible.

I was blessed with a mother and father who honored each Sunday for rest. In our religious upbringing, Sunday Sabbath was revered and respected. My father didn’t work in the fields, even if it meant losing a crop. This was the only day of the week that we took any amount of time to rest, yet never were we completely still to sense our inner being.

There was always an animal in need, cows to be milked, Sunday meals to prep, cook, clean, and school lessons to prepare for Monday. Thus, the practice of stillness and being connected to the wise inner voice of knowing was not encouraged nor deemed important in my upbringing, as I find to be true for so many others.

Stillness: State of Consciousness

Stillness consciousness is calling us to use calming qualities to explore how we can help raise the vibration of humanity. It is a state of consciousness that promotes our “being” in life vs. “doing-doing.”

Our soul understands it is stillness that makes it possible for us to catch our breath and to let go of the limitations that are negatively impacting our health and our quality of life. Conscious slow, deep heart-focused breathing throughout the day is a necessary practice.

Our soul knows in these periods of stillness we are able to reconnect to the Higher Consciousness of Divine Source, rather than being trapped and limited in the prevailing consciousness of uncertainty.

Understanding stillness consciousness by honoring silence and listening to the heart’s inner voice has not been a common practice taught in our society as cultural norms of doing are reinforced. We have been programmed on many levels ranging from our upbringing, education systems, and cultural backgrounds that “doing-doing” equated to being productive and successful in our world.

Stillness: Golden Nuggets

What I have learned from stillness consciousness throughout my life experiences as an intuitive channel and founder of the Inner Leader Movement has become golden nuggets to treasure.

  • Stillness is much more than what it offers you physically, peace of mind, or a state of physical calm. It is a state of being where the mental constraints and emotional reactions are released, so you can observe your life experiences the way your soul sees them.
  • Stillness offers an observation that frees you from struggle and suffering.
  • Stillness allows you to release the resistance associated with doing versus being. In stillness, there isn’t any resistance.
  • Stillness is the sacred space between your physicality and your spirituality.
  • Stillness is a consciousness where you in your purest form are able to bring together the mind, the body, and the soul in a unified, cohesive, and balanced way.
  • Stillness serves as the sacred connection between you and Divine Consciousness where you are able to feel the loving, gentle, accepting, and compassionate nature of Divine Consciousness.
  • Stillness makes it possible for you to fall into grace and for grace to find you.
  • The energy of stillness is transformative, transforming chaos, division, hostility, and the hate that’s rampant in the consciousness of uncertainty into calm, unity, kindness, and love.
  • Grace uses stillness to change the relationship you have with all that you fear.
  • In stillness consciousness, dreams are born, and faith puts those dreams into motion.

Stillness: A Gift

Many times, as we reach a fork in the road in making a major life decision, we can turn on our stillness consciousness to follow our intuition by listening to our “inner voice” within. This voice helps us fearlessly trust and overcome doubt or indecision.

As you reflect on your daily life patterns and rituals, consider the times where true stillness is absent or replaced by constant doing. When can you take a break and be still?

I’m smiling remembering the time required to train my mind to be still as I sit quietly and observe my surroundings, the things I could be doing. A plant to repot, a table to dust, a rug to be cleaned and the list goes on and on. Tapping into the gifts of stillness takes practice to stop seeing the doing and drop into your heart where being is always found.

Living an intuitive life requires practicing stillness.

As you cultivate and embrace stillness consciousness as a way of being, you begin to naturally live life at your full potential, unlimited possibilities, and regaining your Divine sovereign power. Activating stillness consciousness brings greater abilities to create life experiences filled with joy and to express your true authentic Source-self.

Let’s do less and be more! May you experience the magic of your stillness consciousness more each day.

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