The Age of Intuition: Start with Heart Power

When I was ordained as an Angel minister on the peak of beautiful Mount Madonna in California over a decade ago, a very important message about the power of the heart was channeled to me, “We are entering the Age of Intuition where teaching from the golden essence of heart, intuitive intelligence will be a priority. Listen to your intuition as an intelligent operating system.”

I experienced the power of intuition many times throughout life as each time I received chills or significant signs, major life changes unfolded. During this ordination event, there was a deep stirring in my heart to know more about intuition being an intelligent operation system.

I purchased a golden orb crystal as a special gift for my ordination graduation. I traveled to the City of 10,000 Buddhas in Ukiah, California to have it blessed. Upon entering the temple where I would ask for a special blessing, I went into a deep meditation and lost track of time. When I opened my eyes, there was no one in the temple but one monk many rows away facing me. The light was streaming in golden rays between us, and with our eyes closed, we started a conversation telepathically through our hearts.

The golden, crystal orb I was holding became very hot in my hands. As I held the orb to my heart, the light radiating through it was almost blinding. The message from the monk’s heart and Divine came through with clarity,

“To know the soul’s wisdom, it starts with the heart’s intuitive intelligence. The soul only wants connection, satisfaction, and security as it experiences its earth journey in human form. The soul will rely upon the heart’s intuitive intelligence to bring forth its wisdom. Become a teacher and leader of heart focusing upon whole heart happiness and trust all will be revealed.”

Remarkable! I felt honored and excited to have received this special communication with Divine through a young monk in a spectacular, beautiful temple filled with 10,000 golden buddhas. My heart raced with new possibilities, as I named my first spiritual business Whole Heart Happiness. Yet my mind wanted to take over and create doubt and insecurity.

“Stay in your heart,” was an ethereal message I kept hearing over and over, “it knows the path.”

After this transformative day in the golden temple, I focused on allowing my heart to take the lead in life with my mind organizing the steps. I realized that constant mind “analysis paralysis” shut down the messages from the heart. This takes practice which included learning how to meditate, reduce stress and connect daily with my Higher Source-self which is always waiting to have a voice.

The Age of Intuition is Now

This time on earth is being labeled and discussed as the “Awakening” or the “Age of Aquarius.” Yet, recalling the experience over a decade ago, being connected with a higher heart consciousness during my Angel ordination revealed we are in the “Age of Intuition.” Intuition is now more important than ever. Looking back, I know this message along with the monk’s transmission in the golden temple completely changed my consciousness and my life.

I embarked upon an exploration in learning the depths of heart power and its intuitive intelligence. I began to seek leading spiritual leaders, thinkers, and writers and learn from their insights about the heart. I researched, studied, and obtained a master trainer certification with HeartMath® where I learned modern science has evidence that the heart has a power that goes beyond its biological function. It drives intuition and serves as the generator for the soul’s wisdom to come forth.

One quote I found which still strikes a chord in my heart comes from Antoine De Saint-Exupery,

“Here is my secret, it is very simple: one sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Navigating the recent pandemic and still living in the throes of uncertainty regarding which way life could turn, what was considered essential in our lives has been transformed. The power of the heart is essential for us to trust our intuition and make wise, if not life-changing choices.

Start with Heart Power

The first step to understanding the power of the heart is to recognize it is the gateway to the essence of you. When you connect with your heart, the gateway opens to bring forth your intuitive knowing for activating your unique talents, gifts, and soul’s wisdom.

One quick way to connect with your heart is through your breath. A simple HeartMath technique with proven results for activating heart power is called Quick Coherence® Technique which combines heart-focused breathing with a renewing emotion. Heart-focused breathing brings you into a neutral state that brings a choice point for you to quickly shift to the emotions that bring greater resiliency and coherence to your being. When you are in a coherent and resilient state, you can hear your intuition speak.

  1. Focus your attention in the area of the heart. Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing slower and deeper than usual. (Practice inhale 5 seconds and exhale 5 seconds)
  2. Activate a renewing emotion such as appreciation, care, love, or gratitude for someone or something in our life. (Love for a pet, gratitude for a special place, appreciation for your life)

As you learn to connect with your heart through breath and activate coherent heart rhythms by experiencing renewing emotions like appreciation, love, or gratitude, your heart opens to its intuitive intelligence.

Yes, the Age of Intuition is here with creativity, inspiration, insight, and collaboration being essential. And it starts with the heart giving you the insights you need, as well as ones you may not expect, ones that allow you to find your way to create the life you are designed to live.

~ Lisa

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