The Age of Intuition: The Power of Mantras for Intuitive Guidance

I am blessed to have a beautiful high bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean near my home in Half Moon Bay, California where I have been visiting for years. This bluff I have fondly named, Serenity Bluff. It defines serenity beyond a feeling as it is truly a magical experience. Sacred messages and guidance flow from a Higher Intelligence with the sounds of waves kissing the shore and whispers of Angels in the gentle breezes.

I faithfully create an altar from rocks, shells, sticks, and stones in the shape of a heart each time I visit and always etch into its center, “love” before I leave. My hope is sealed with the knowing others will experience the altar of love as they visit and that it may stir something deep inside their intuitive knowing.

For years, I have filled journal upon journal with messages from Divine as I visited Serenity Bluff. Many years ago, I was given the gift of channeling weekly mantras to share with others to help navigate present-day earthly life.

The Angels always give “three” lines of Divine inspiration each week like a mantra. Each line brings forth vibration of love from above, within the heart’s intelligence and how to move forward, attuned to the vibration of love, for the week ahead for our earth living.

How do we truly listen and tap into the energy and power of mantras for our intuitive guidance?

For most of us, listening to our intuition is like trying to hear a sweet bird song over a jackhammer. 

The world is loud

Committing to turn the volume of life down, cleanse from the media, and turn off conversations that keep you in toxic exchanges and wasted breath, mantras will help you attune to your heart’s voice. They offer insights and inspiration for living in a messy world at this time.

Mantras are the gateway to our intuitive knowing and activate our heart’s intelligence. As we listen and take the words to our hearts, a higher frequency of light is available to shine upon our intuitive intelligence. As we say the words out loud, we can feel the vibration of our heart increasing as it naturally does when fed with words of wisdom and grace.

These beautiful mantras are energy regulators. They serve as attunements with our Higher Self to increase our frequency so we can follow the essence of our soul’s knowing.

Mantras harmonize with the beautiful higher octaves of the Angel choirs and bring us into higher states of consciousness.

And most importantly, mantras give us a different perspective and mystical lens for which to expand our state of consciousness from ordinary to transcendent.

Here are a few examples from the May mantras gifted to my heart from the heart of the Angels and starting off our month of June.

The wisdom tides within us

Synchronize and harmonize through nature

Bringing forth the soul’s beauty and grace.

Beauty is a magic love

Like a flower opening to light

Your soul knows love magic bloom power.

As you align with your Divine Sovereignty

The power of presence


Attune to Earth’s magnetics.

Raise your vibration

In Love only.

And one of my favorite mantras for this past week came as we are experiencing lunar and solar eclipses back-to-back:

Trust cycles of natural transformation.

Align your heart with eclipse season.

Usher in evolution with a higher purpose.

From receiving these beautiful, intuitive mantras each week, I have witnessed and experienced that each mantra is always relevant to what is happening in the present moment on earth. They serve as guiding lights to all souls no matter where they are in their evolutionary journey.

Mantras are truly the gateway to our intuition wisdom as our heart’s receiving chambers take in each word of each line as we voice silently or out loud. The heart opens to receive these simple yet powerful mantras and activates intuitive knowing.

Using mantras can serve as higher guidance for creating similar mantras that resonate with your life. The only important focus is that they feel expansive to you, make you feel good, and activate a spark of inspiration for moving forward with your intuition leading the way.

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