The Connection Between Health and Happiness

There is a strong connection between our health and our happiness. If our life is full of stress, we are more likely to get sick. There are many studies on the effect of stress on our health. If we can consciously learn to reduce the stress in our lives, we are more apt to live a longer, healthier life.

Is it possible to get better with age? Of course, it is if we practice self-love and awareness.

Do you want to reduce pain and live a healthier, happier life? Who wouldn’t?

Do you want fun, inexpensive, or no-cost ways where you can bring more health and happiness into your life? Just by implementing these five things, you can have more health and happiness starting today.

  • You can consciously reclaim your happiness and live a more joyful life by shifting your mindset. By looking at a situation from a different perspective you can increase your happiness. You have the choice to choose. You don’t want to deny your feelings, but you also don’t want to carry around a grudge that is holding you back from a happier life. 
  • Spend a little time thinking about some of the things from your childhood that made you happy. Can you bring some of those things into your adult life? Favorite foods or games?                     
  • Simplicity is key. Do what makes your heart sing. Connection with others is important, even if it’s a pet.
  • Shifting to eating the rainbow every day can improve your immune system which helps you to stay healthy. Choose to stop eating fast foods.
  • Hold your stretches for 3 – 5 minutes rather than the few seconds we typically do. This allows the fascia to release and reduces pain. First, decide to stretch. Your body will love it.

Let’s examine some ways to improve our health and happiness that don’t involve hard work or deprivation. How does that sound? Read on if you could use a little ease in your day while improving the quality of your life.

  • Creativity makes you feel better. Get a pen and paper and doodle. Let your creativity roam free.
  • Creating a vision board helps manifest a healthier and happier life. You may also want to get some images from magazines or online to create a vision board of things you like and want more of in your life or are calling into your life.
  • Getting a better night’s sleep makes for a better tomorrow. Turning off your screens an hour or two before bed helps you sleep better.
  • Tuning into your heart improves health and happiness.  Focusing on your heart and love actually improves the rhythm and function of your heart.

Lastly, let’s examine some mystical modalities and the many benefits they provide to improve our health and happiness.

You’ve probably experienced meditation many times in your life but have you enjoyed a shamanic journey, sound bath, visit to the Akashic Records, or experienced myofascial release? You may be shaking your head that you’ve never heard of these alternative healing modalities or maybe you have heard of them and have not yet experienced them for yourselves. If you are thinking, tell me more! Well, great because today, is your lucky day.

Impressive Health and Happiness Benefits of these 5 Mystical Healing Journeys

  • Chronic pain, anxiety, and stress relief
  • Improved sense of safety and security
  • Reversed trajectory of health issue for the better
  • Ability to reduce or eliminate medications
  • Ease of motion
  • Ease in letting go, surrender, and releasing that which no longer serves
  • Healed from Near-Death Experience
  • Gain clarity
  • Self-empowerment
  • Sense of unconditional love
  • Increased energy, bliss, and calm
  • Improved sleep
  • Deeper relaxation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • A beneficial complement to traditional Western Medicine

I know you’ll want to hear more of how these amazing topics can benefit your health and happiness and the good news is you can, online and for free through your inbox!

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