The Healing Journey: Hearing the Voice Inside

Intuition vs. Ego

Intuition versus Ego

It begins with a feeling. The feeling turns into a thought that builds and forms until we must decide whether to act on it or not. These thoughts are part of our intuition. Ever hear the phrase, “Go with your gut?” The emotion manifests itself in the stomach making us nervous and sometimes physically sick. When we make a decision that offers relief, the discomfort disappears, and we feel better. If we ignore the feeling, then we add stress to our lives. 

Intuition is the voice within our minds that quietly guides us. The voice is our voice, so we recognize it as part of who we are and do not fear what we are being told. It is our higher self. This ‘self’ is connected to the Divine, also known as God, Spirit, or Source. Intuition and Spirit are one and the same.

This ‘voice’ speaks to us in love, guiding us to make decisions that benefit our lives. This is not to be confused with ego. The ego is the conscious part of our identity that keeps us grounded. Think of it as the discerning voice of reason. Ego is logical and headstrong. Its tone may be harsh when it corrects us, but it is there to help us survive. Survival is imperative to the preservation of the human race. It is not the only way to go through life, however.

The ego is part of the human experience. Too often, people become focused on material wealth, money, recognition, and how many followers we have on social media. We are electronically connected 24/7, making it difficult to ‘disconnect’ and allow our minds to quiet. How can we slow down when our culture dictates continuous connection to the online world? The voice within is muted, or is it?

It is always there, gently nudging us; waiting for us to slow down and listen. Everyone has intuition. We are born with it. It is our birthright.

Listening is a Skill

Listening takes patience and persistence. For example, try following along in a conversation while remaining in the present moment. Do not let your mind wander and think of your to-do list. Do not tell the speaker, “Keep talking. I’m listening,” and proceed to check your email and social media. This is multitasking, not active listening! It is a challenge to slow the mind.  

We have become skillful multitaskers. Our ego calls the shots. We concern ourselves with the demands of our culture and expectations from society, pushing our intuition into the dusty, untouched corner of our minds. The whisper becomes a murmur making it harder to ‘hear’ the voice, which is why it is important that we feel into our decisions.

Focus on Emotions

Feel into your heart chakra, the space in the center of your chest. What are you feeling right now? Why are you feeling this way? Take a few deep breaths in and out. This helps replenish focus, lower stress, and be present. This is our active-listening moment with ourselves. When we give ourselves permission to slow down, we increase our ability to listen within. The more we do this, the stronger our connection to Spirit and the clearer the guidance becomes.

Set Aside Time for You

Schedule time for yourself. Put it on your calendar, then go for a walk, practice, yoga, meditate, or sit quietly. Clear your mind. Listen to nature, a breeze, the passing traffic, or silence. Imagine white light embracing you in a hug. Focus on the brightness and the warmth emanating from it. Allow your thoughts to flow in and out. Imagine love filling the space in the center of your chest with love. How does it feel?

Connecting to Our Intuition

  1. Take five deep breaths in and out.
  2. Say, “I clear my energy and surround myself in love and light.”
  3. Think of a statement you know to be true. Say it out loud or to yourself.
  4. Then feel into your heart space and allow the answer to come through.
  5. Think of a statement you know to be false. Say it out loud or to yourself.

Be patient with yourself. It is okay to hear or feel nothing. It is more important to give yourself permission to slow down, even if it is only for ten minutes. Active listening comes with patience, practice, and trust. As you progress in hearing the voice inside, the answers will come faster. The more you practice, the more you learn to trust, and the more you trust in the information that is being given to you, the easier it becomes to make a decision when you are faced with that “gut feeling.” 

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