The Keyboard of Life

The Keyboard of Life By Don Shapiro #KeyboardOfLife #Life #Choices #Discovery #Journey #Embrace #change #WUVIP

“Are you playing the full keyboard of life to realize your full potential and be all you can be?”

A piano consist of 88 keys that can play seven full octaves. Each of those keys plays a high tensile steel wire known as a piano string. Each string is a different length and must be tuned perfectly to produce the precise note of each key.

So, you have 88 wires each tuned to a different musical note that together can play 7 full octaves of glorious sound. When perfectly tuned, each of those strings vibrates at a specific rate to produce the beautiful music we hear…assuming someone knows how to play the piano!

How many octaves on the keyboard of life do you play?

Imagine those piano strings as the levels of conscious awareness we can access about ourselves, other people and the universe we inhabit. Most people only think and feel within a one to two-octave, range and rarely if ever play notes beyond that. Some more enlightened and evolved people will explore thoughts, feelings and sensations in the three to four-octave range.

There are some people who are aware of additional octaves beyond their normal range and choose not to play those notes. Maybe they are content with not knowing more than they do. Or they like to keep things simple. Or too much complexity makes them feel uncomfortable. Or they are afraid of losing control of their world. Whatever the reasons, most people don’t venture too far beyond their comfort zone.

Those notes are all there waiting to be played. They are waiting for further exploration and reflection. They beckon for their beautiful sounds of discovery to illuminate us about the nature of the universe and all we can be.

Which leads to a most intriguing dichotomy. We want to understand our world and how to journey through it in the best way possible. We want to understand how the universe works, how we fit into it and how we can make it work for us.

Yet, something holds us back from exploring all those additional notes and octaves that can shed more light on these questions. We want to know, but we don’t want to embrace our journey into the mystery that can take us to more knowing and being.

Those that Play the Full Keyboard of Life

And then there are those who possess an unquenchable, insatiable thirst to explore and experience all 88 keys on the keyboard of life. Amongst their like kind, they frolic and play with unbridled joy as they travel a journey of ultimate discovery.

They can go from looking at something in the most down to earth and physical of ways all the way up to the highest of high frequencies and every note in between. Up and down those 88 keys and seven octaves they race, careen, jump, dance, feel, sense, pleasure and quietly contemplate.

The rest of the world doesn’t quite know what to make of these 88 key players. Some are intrigued by them. Others worship them. Some keep them at a safe distance. Most don’t really understand them. Some lock their doors when they see them approaching!

Few desire to be like them because they simply don’t want to explore or know that much about why everything is the way it is. Some people can be overwhelmed when they imagine playing all those keys.

Embrace all 88 keys on your keyboard of life

When we travel beyond our familiar octaves and play more keys on the keyboard of life, we expand and grow in amazing ways. The feelings, sensations, vibrations and energy of those additional octaves offer experiences that will forever change us and allow us to embrace all that we are meant to be.

These notes tease, tantalize and beckon us with an incredible depth of understanding, unity of togetherness and pure, utter bliss beyond what we have ever experienced. We become aware of so much more about our potential…a potential that has been inside of us patiently waiting to be discovered since we were born.

We are so close to all we can be and yet we can be so far away. Fear, distrustful, turmoil, confusion, ego and more hold us back. We don’t trust what will happen if we start playing keys at a higher or lower octave than the narrow range we live in. We will lose control of what happens to us. We don’t want to change that much. And so we become content and comfortable within our two to four-octave world.

The keyboard of life patiently waits for us to explore its mysteries. It’s seven octaves and 88 keys are available to all of us whenever we are ready to become more than we have been. These keys will gently allow us to move past our narrow octave range. They can play wonderful new songs that will expand our life in magical ways. All that we can be, experience, know and feel awaits us when we venture forth to play all 88 keys on our keyboard of life.

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