The Measure of A Soul

The Measure of A Soul by DearJames #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Measure

I recently watched the movie Sully, based on the true story of Captain Sully Sullenberger’s “Miracle on the Hudson.” I found myself quietly weeping throughout the film. At first, I attributed this response to the subconscious fear of death associated with flying, however, as the film continued, so did the stream of tears.

This film was touching something deep and profound within me, or perhaps, expressed more purely, it was reminding me of it. As both the real life events and the movie demonstrate, the very principle and gift known as life matters. The very best of humankind was on display that day, and yet in the aftermath so too was its opposite. In the “search for the truth,” the ensuing investigation focused on computer-generated simulations and data versus the actual human experience.

The attempted maligning of character and choices made so as to blame someone for the loss of that which could be replaced, an aircraft, over that which is irreplaceable, was reflective of our culture; a culture that rewards commerce over constituency.

The measure of a soul is not the value of a life, but rather the value you place on life, all forms of life, above all else.

We live in extraordinary times: times that are in a never-ceasing cycle of acceleration while simultaneously expressing deep regression. A dichotomy based on rapid advancement into an unknown future, while also cleaving to the densest characteristics of human nature from our collective past.

This deep division within our society is a macro example of the micro division held within. A battle for the very ideals we hold so dear; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Which wolf will we feed and nourish, which path of the soul experience will we forge?

Formed by our individual and collective experiences, we must guard against abdicating our most fundamental soul responsibility: the valuing of life, all forms of life. Held within the All is the reflection of the other. Life is held within every blade of grass and stem, sunrise and sunset, babbling brook and body of water, pebble and mountain, as well as all other forms of creation.

Life is not a commodity to be traded, bartered or sold on the open market, or denigrated and devalued within the halls of Congress, justice or upon the very cities, streets and communities within we all live. The kill or be killed mentality and ethos is draconian and beneath our Divinity. It represents the lowest form of expression of humanity.

For the very act of being born into life is sacrosanct. It is the highest honor of a soul to experience life in human form as a reflection of the Divine. When we fail to remember this simple, fundamental truth, we fail to value ourselves, let alone each other. When will we lay down the illusion of separation? Affirm, own, and execute self-responsibility and self-accountability? When will we awaken from our self-imposed darkness?

Life is more than the material achievements we blindly pursue in an attempt to feel whole, complete, and satisfied. Life is about embodying the very gift of life: recognizing not only the responsibility to protect and sustain all life forms, but also, how one may enrich them without harming the whole.

While the events of that day have come and gone, their extraordinary impact, lesson, and opportunity remain, for they are a profound reminder to measure the weight of one’s soul by the value one places on all forms of life.

Ultimately, our lives will be measured by the weight of our soul against that of a feather. Might we all adjust our course in anticipation of that day?

Ways by which to Measure your Soul

Ask yourself,

Am I being righteous or reasonable and responsible in any given moment, and course-correct accordingly?

Am I being authentic?

What am I valuing above all else in this moment?

Will my words, actions, or deeds harm others? (This includes people, places, and things.)

Do I willingly offer earnest praise, appreciation or congratulations to, of and for others?

Do I practice gratitude and mindfulness on a daily basis?

Do I seek compromise, consensus, and compassion in my interactions and life affairs?

Do I, on a daily basis, connect with Divinity / Source?

Which Wolf do I feed?


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