The Path Of Healing And Transformation

The Path Of Healing And Transformation

Healing is a journey; a process that can be assisted with many tools but requires our commitment and our work. Light workers like me will hold your hand and your heart, will guide you to shift your perspective, will offer tools to help you in your healing process using universal energy and different techniques, but the work is always at our end.

Our work is not about pushing our way to healing but to surrender to what we are feeling in each step of our journey relying on our inner awareness to peel the layer that need to be healed and to find the root of suffering.

Pain has many layers that we need to peel and uncover with patience and commitment, with love and gentleness for ourselves; those layers cannot be healed through positive thinking only; they need to be felt first.

In my early days of healing after the loss of my son, I wanted to avoid at all cost to feel the devastating pain of losing a part of me, I wanted to rush my healing because some days the pain felt like death itself. I used positive thinking as a way out and as crutch.

It felt like an inner struggle.

It felt fake.

I was not healing; I was avoiding and masking the pain.

It was not until I decided to face all the pain, as raw and as deep as it was, that my healing and transformation journey began.

Pain and healing come in waves, we heal a layer and then we need to feel the next layer, we heal it and then we need to feel the next one. That is why healing is a process and cannot nor should it happen overnight, cannot be rushed, and respecting our unique divine timing is vital.

How do we find the inner layers that need to be healed?

While sometimes we need guidance, tools and support to find our way to connect with ourselves, to heal and to evolve, no one will know our inner world better than us. We cannot find the layers of our pain in Google or by asking a Guru or by numbing ourselves. We need to find them within, relying on our inner awareness and trusting that the answers that arise from our heart are always the correct ones. Trusting our answers takes time and practice because we are used to believe that our emotions are not true, that we should not be feeling this or that way. Once we start to rely in ourselves will not only find the layers that need to be healed but by trusting our guidance or intuition we will reclaim our power bit by bit.

Inner awareness needs to be cultivated, by meditating, walking, or spending time alone. It is about being in touch with our emotions and aware of our thoughts. It is about learning how our presence feels. It is about tuning into our needs coming from the heart and our bodies. If we only take the time to listen to our hearts, to our souls instead of looking for answers outside of ourselves, we will discover that what we seek is within us. The answers are always there for us, waiting to be revealed at its perfect divine timing.

Once we peeled layer after layer we may find the root of our pain, this will allow us to understand our wound. This is crucial for our healing process; we cannot truly transform or heal what we do not understand. We may then need to monitor our thoughts replacing the ones that do not serve us to nurture our souls and enhance healing or we may need to let go beliefs, situations, or sometimes even people that we no longer need in our new way of living.

That is why to heal means to be transformed, because once we see what we need to see we cannot unseen it and daring to new ways of being becomes a need from the soul. A calling that we cannot nor want to scape. Once we start our journey of transformation we realized that we are courageous souls that chose different scenarios and events to make us grow and expand.

While thoughts generate our emotions therefore creating our reality, we need to heal the wound within us that generates those thoughts first. Then, like magic, positive thoughts will be the mirror of our inner world. Healing is a matter of the heart not the mind.

By finding harmony between mind and heart, thoughts and emotions, emotions with spirit, we are walking the path of healing and transformation to not only of the human being but also of the soul. In this miraculous path we remember that we are powerful beings.