The Peephole Effect: Perception is Everything

The Peephole Effect: Perception is Everything by Maryann Patalano #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Peephole

The Peephole Effect: Perception is Everything by Maryann Patalano #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Peephole

In this article, WU World Changer Maryann Patalano shares an excerpt from her recent book, “The Peephole Effect: Perception is everything.”

Are you stuck in a dead-end job?

Do you find yourself in yet another unfulfilling relationship? Do you ever think to yourself, “There’s got to be more to life than this!?” If so, then I can relate to your struggles and I encourage you to read on.

Once upon a time, my typical day looked like this:
  • Fetching coffee for executives
  • Making travel, hair salon and lunch arrangements for others
  • Single and lonely
  • Having enough money, but always wanting more
  • Boredom
However, today that reality is long gone! A typical day now consists of one or more of the following:
  • Writing and speaking about subjects I am passionate about
  • Delivering spiritual workshops and sermons that help others
  • Spending my time with a generous, handsome and loving husband
  • Fulfilling my role as District President, International New Thought Alliance
  • Meeting and collaborating with new people and embracing new opportunities

How did I go from a “blah” life to an on-purpose, “Technicolor” existence?


Let me explain. Perception is a very individualized experience. In fact, your perception is entirely unique to you and you alone. No one on earth shares your exact fingerprints, similarly, no one else on earth shares your perception.

“Okay, why is this important to me?” you might ask. Well, practically speaking your perception consists of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, which dictate how you will experience any given moment. On the other hand, spiritually speaking, your perception is a creative factor in your life. The combination of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings is acted upon by the Universe to bring forth a match in your actual experience. Now, that’s powerful!

Your perception serves as a “recipe” for your individualized experience. If you can recognize and accept that this phenomenon is occurring, then you can deliberately and consciously work with it to make dramatic changes in your life.

When I came to realize how changing my self-perception from a lonely, separated being to a spiritually connected being had dramatically changed my life, I was overjoyed. So overjoyed that I wrote a book about it – The Peephole Effect: Perception is Everything. I not only want to share the joy, I experienced, but also the process that took me from point A to point B. My hope is that others may now change their own lives in conscious, deliberate and joyful ways.

It is my distinct pleasure to share the following excerpt (Chapter 5) from The Peephole Effect: Perception is Everything with you. Enjoy!


“You can if you think you can.” —Norman Vincent Peale, minister, and author

Our beliefs directly influence the depth and breadth of the peephole lens we look through. Mr. Ford tells us that thought (or belief) precedes circumstances and influences the outcome. Similarly, in New Thought we say, “Form follows consciousness.” False or limited beliefs do not make something objectively true, but do tend to make it true in our subjective experience. Belief is a creative factor in our lives. If we wish to change our circumstances, it is imperative that we uncover the causative belief (lens) that is playing out in our experience so we can replace that belief.

Let’s take a brief look at the how the layers of belief in your subconscious contribute to the Peephole Effect in your experience. We will examine this topic more completely in a later chapter to address your specific beliefs, but for now, let’s contemplate the widely held notion “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

On the surface, this statement appears true to many people. This belief is strongly held in the collective consciousness (the set of shared societal beliefs), and therefore many people fall victim to believing it without question. However, the Peephole Effect is responsible for this unsound belief. The Creative Mind we are immersed in accepts the thoughts we place into it. The thoughts backed by strong belief are the molds that the Mind uses to create the outward experience. In the case of “The rich get richer…” statement, our individual minds believe the accuracy of the statement despite its questionable underpinnings, and we proceed to experience that belief. The merry-go-round has begun.

Let’s take a peek through the rich peephole and the poor peephole to see how it plays out.

The “Rich” Peephole

Sheila is born into a family with a history of wealth, success, and fulfilling relationships. Her peephole lens consists of layers of belief perpetuated by experiential and visual proof that life is good. People are good and happy most of the time. Money is good and available in abundant measure. While growing up she becomes aware (through the media, internet, school activities, etc.) of the heartache, financial difficulties, and social struggles of others. It’s at this juncture that the creative ability of Sheila’s consciousness becomes apparent in her own circumstances.

Two scenarios could potentially unfold (although infinite potentialities are available):
  1. Acceptance and fear that these dreadful struggles could affect her or become part of her reality.
  2. Rejection of any possibility that this could ever happen to her and a continued acceptance of positive potential within her reality.

To the child born into a life of wealth, a life of poverty is not a reality. Conditions of being poor do not align with her consciousness; they are not accepted or believed as part of her vision of herself. While there are exceptions to every rule, the rich child will likely go on to enjoy an abundant, prosperous life that is filled with love and successful, stable relationships. The positive aspects of life were perpetuated in her experiences due to the layers of subconscious belief or the beliefs she allowed to be embedded into her consciousness. The culprit in this situation? The Peephole Effect—in a positive way.

I do not mean to say that Sheila (or anyone) should put her head in the sand or deny that negative circumstances exist. Nor should Sheila assume she cannot be a beneficial presence for those who are less fortunate. Rather, to avoid experiencing the negativity for herself, Sheila must not accept it into her consciousness as being true for herself, nor should she create a strong fear against those circumstances.

The truth is that Sheila’s reality could change at any moment; she can begin to believe in adverse conditions as a part of her experience. Although she was born into a stable environment, excessive fear of things such as sickness, poverty, or violence can manifest and bring matching circumstances to her. Since feelings are part of the creative process, intense fear is a powerful creative agent and should be avoided.

The “Poor” Peephole

Alternatively, let’s consider Keith, who was raised in a low-income household with a strong history of poverty, struggle, prejudice, and abuse. He looks through a peephole lens that provides a limited, negative, bleak view of life. Once Keith is grown, the same peephole lens exists, and the struggles continue in his experience. The Peephole Effect is responsible for the continued circumstances of poverty or misfortune. Negative experiences compound his belief in negativity, which produces a cycle of similar, negative circumstances—the Peephole Effect in action. Keith may never realize that he possesses a power to accept an alternate reality. There is untold good, abundance, and potential in and around him; however, all of it is blocked (i.e., collapsed) by the peephole lens.

As with the child of a wealthy family, the poor child could have infinite potentials unfold; however, the two most common are:
  1. Acceptance of the experiential evidence and fear that these struggles will affect him forever; a resignation to “This is the way it is for me; I will never rise above this.”
  2. Rejection of the experiential evidence; acceptance of a better life and better circumstances. He might say to himself, “I see this horrible circumstance, but it’s not for me—no thanks! Watch this—I am going to prosper and rise!”
We Are All Equal Under the Law of Mind

In both scenarios above, the outcome of any experience (positive or negative, abundant or lacking) is the result of the Peephole Effect. The privileged and the underprivileged alike are subject to the universal law of Mind. They each have the ability to accept or reject beliefs based on whatever may be visually and experientially before them. The good, bad, and indifferent can be swapped at any time, based on a conscious decision and personal choice.

Beliefs are critical to the manifestation process because they generate feelings. The strength of the emotion behind the belief is creative. You may have a thousand thoughts a day, but which ones generate the strongest feeling-tones? The intense, sustained feelings associated with joy and abundance are equally as creative as the intense, sustained feelings associated with fear and lack.

As you will see illustrated later in this book, there are many people to whom this preconceived notion about being “rich” or “poor” does not apply—simply because they choose not to believe it. They have sensed the existence of the greater potential and declared and decided on something different for themselves. In truth, any condition can be overcome or changed by our consciousness due to the malleable nature of the energy of the Creative Mind.

I am not talking about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses or possessing a Pollyanna attitude. You must go beyond these superficial concepts to a greater reality, a spiritual reality—truth. Yes, we are human, but we are humanly divine and divinely human. We have each been given divine inalienable rights: the right to choose, the right to believe, the right to co-create, and the right to experience the best that life offers. We can each seek to exercise our divine rights in beneficial ways. We have also inherited divine attributes from God, including wisdom, peace, knowledge, love, abundance, and any good thing you can conceive of.

When you become aware that the Peephole Effect is actively impacting your life in a negative way—whether in finances, relationships, health, career, or any other area in which you recognize limitation—you will undoubtedly seek to stop it from doing so. You will realize that you must snap out of your current perception of life or you will continue to suffer. You will awaken and declare, “This is now true!”

I am currently booking speeches, workshops, sermons and guest appearances regarding The Peephole Effect and other spiritual topics including relationship, abundance, and other issues. If you are interested in booking me, it would be my pleasure to speak to you about collaborating with your organization. Please contact my organization, The Answer Within at to discuss further.

Blessings to you.


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