The Power of Your Inner Leader: Trust Consciousness

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I have always received huge waves of frigid cold air enveloping my being when my intuition is broadcasting an important message. Chills run up and down my spine in an almost paralyzing state.

When this happens, I know I need to stop, tap in, and tune-up. Tap into what my heart’s intuitive intelligence is saying and tune up and listen to receive guidance and messages from my Divine Team of Angels, Spirit Guides-Advisors, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, and more; now referred to (at their request) as the Cosmic Collective.

To do so, this takes trust that goes beyond feeling. Trust as a conscious state to allow the flow for wisdom to be revealed and guidance to be provided to illuminate the path and way forward.

When the freezer door opened once again from my intuition, the blast of cold air hit me at the end of 2016. This time asking me to stop running after corporate contracts and depending on outside resources to sustain my business. My intuition was shaking me to my core to bring forth my greatest gifts as an intuitive channel and spiritual leader and teacher. After all, my 40 years working for others brought me to the realization it was time to flip the switch to work fully for my Source-self.

Step One

“Show me the way,” is always my first prayer of connection through my heart and to the heart of Angels and Divine Guides to reveal what my intuition knows and wants to show me.

Step Two

The second step in this process is shifting into a mindset and heart energy space to trust. Trust goes beyond a belief, emotion, or feeling. Trust as a consciousness beyond our earthly knowing and belief systems; one that reinforces, “The Universe has your back.”

Step Three

The third step is to fully embody trust consciousness. This third step is tricky as our minds want to spin our thoughts that trust is outside of us, out there in the Universe, in God, somewhere we have to go to get it. The Universe has our back in support, yet the real power is within us, our Source-self that is activated and generated by the heart.

My philosophy and success in life have been simply, “It starts with the heart.”  Every time I listen and follow my heart, miracles and magic unfold.

Quick Tip

The simplest way to start with the heart is to connect through deep, slow breathing. Breathing into the heart area brings calm and neutrality to the mental, physical, and emotional domains of our being. And when you practice this simple breathing technique throughout the day, new neural pathways begin to form in the brain to remind you to breathe into your heart often. Eventually, over time your heart breathing becomes an automatic response, especially during stressful situations.

The Inner Leader Movement

At the end of 2016, when the chill waves came, a new life chapter unfolded with the birth of the Inner Leader Movement. I listened first to my heart’s voice Within and the guidance from Above first before listening to the voices on the Earth plane.

Guidance from trusted friends, family, and colleagues are always welcome. Yet I find most earthly advice is connected to a logical sense that the mind wants to spin into a ruminating broken recording of, “Not ready, not enough, need more time, need more money or when A-B-C happens, then I can do 1-2-3.”

I never dismiss guidance from wise and experienced people in my life. The key is to ask, “Is this advice aligned with what my heart is saying?” Where might I use this advice elsewhere in my life or at a later time?” Placing value and appreciation on trusted advice brings it to a place it may settle, percolate, or be referred to later to bless and release.

Trust Consciousness

Once you start with heart, learning to tap into trust consciousness comes through a dedicated effort to tap in and listen to the combination of Above, Within, and Earth-below resources. AWE-You (Above-Within-Earth-below) is a circuitry of intuitive connection harvesting wisdom that generates movement forward with confident and rewarding choices.

The power of your inner leader is fueled most rapidly when you activate and connect with Above, Within and Earth-below resources all equally important. Once your inner leader has a full tank of fuel, the possibilities are endless and unlimited. You can move forward with trust consciousness. Your being of light and love shine brighter with more confidence and courage.

I never dreamed I’d be where I am today as my mind didn’t lead me here nor did my former, old business habits of pushing forward hard and furious as I was biting my lower lip and feeling constant anxious currents. My heart’s intuitive intelligence facilitated where I am today. Those cold waves arriving from my intuition always led me to start listening to my heart and trust the messages it brings to light.

I didn’t know the true power of my inner leader until this circuitry of connection was revealed and activated through trust consciousness guiding me to align with resources of Above, Within, and Earth-below simultaneously. Now, possibilities are popping up like mushrooms overnight to create joyful, happy, and successful life experiences.

My hope is your trust consciousness blooms for tapping in and tuning up to your amazing heart’s intuitive intelligence and soul knowing. Then you will experience the only leader you trust moving forward in your life is the power of your inner leader.

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