The Retrograde Rendezvous

The Retrograde Rendezvous by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #RetrogradeRendezvous
Retrogrades are when planets in the sky appear to go in a backward motion.

Energetically, this takes us to past issues, allowing us to go back in our lives to review anything that needs to be revealed, addressed, healed and transformed. Retrogrades bring up old lessons we need to relearn, especially if we haven’t learned it yet. If we have learned it, it may be a deepening of that lesson or a different aspect of it that we need to address in our life now. The energies of retrogrades can be truly beneficial to releasing outdated beliefs, paradigms, opinions, issues, people, places, jobs and more, allowing you to move more fully into your true life’s path and authenticity.

Retrograde Rendezvous 2017

Venus was retrograde from March 4th to April 15th, however, is still working on getting back up to speed, as she takes a full month to have normal forward movement. Therefore, it will be mid-May when anything to do with Love & Money feels less intense and new aspects begin to appear for you. (For more about Venus and Venus Retrograde)

Mercury has been retrograde since April 9th and stations direct on May 3rd, but it takes about two weeks for him to get back to speed. Mercury governs communication and travel. During this Retrograde, you may find delays and issues with travel or miscommunications with others in person, or issues with electronics, including within our homes and vehicles. Mercury is also prime time for reviewing, revising, redoing, refreshing and rethinking any plans, thoughts, opinions and situations, depending on where Mercury is in your solar chart. It’s also not a good time to purchase big items or enter into anything new. (Consulting an Astrologer is a huge help in this area.) Therefore, once Mercury is back to “full speed ahead” communications will be better, it’s a better time to travel, you can now start new projects, enter new contracts or new relationships, and/or initiate new endeavors.

Saturn is also Retrograde until August 25th. Saturn is known as the “task master,” or the planet of lessons. Therefore, when Saturn is in Retrograde we need to look at the lessons we have learned, revisit them, and look at new ways to manifest and develop a new attitude towards any future obstacles. In essence, using wisdom we have gained from our lessons and apply them to new experiences. Or, we may experience another completely new lesson. Saturn wants us to do the work to learn the lessons to help us in our lives. With Saturn Retrograde at the same time as many other planets, it is now more imperative to really dive deep, uncover any pains, hurts, anger, fears and more to remove them as they are obstacles to future growth. And, once completely released, we will experience many new and better situations and relationships.

Add to the mix, Jupiter is Retrograde until June 9th, and it’s quite a pot of inner work we are STILL doing in this 1 year. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, as well as, beliefs, ideas, and visions of our life. Jupiter asks us to review, revise and refresh our thoughts. Are we playing the victim? Are we only seeing the negative in ourselves or others? Are we degrading ourselves? Are we carrying around old, outdated ideas, which are no longer our truth? These are the deep, meaningful areas Jupiter Retrograde asks us to heal to awaken our inner truths and authenticity.

PLUS, Pluto (planet of transformation) is Retrograde until the fall, which asks us to review how we are dealing with change and transformation in our lives. Are we resisting it? Or are we using it to change course, heal past issues and/or learn something new? Are we learning the lessons that all the other planets are presenting us??

Are you seeing how powerful this year truly is?

We are being provided the opportunity to release the old and begin the new in an incredible way! This is an immense year of significant retrogrades to review where we really are and determine where and who we want to be; how we will get there; heal, transform and awaken new areas of ourselves; and begin making steps to set in motion our magnificent manifestation potential to create the life of our dreams, living our true life’s purpose through our unique spiritual gifts. Provided you are doing the healing work, you may see forward progress happening right now, with more to follow, as we move more deeply into this year, and in coming years. Retrogrades are a wonderful time to work with life coaches, Reiki Masters, Intuitives, Shamans, or others who can help you in your healing journey, to transform and awaken more of your inner truths.

I would be honored to assist you.



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