The School of Possibilities

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The school of possibilities. Has anyone tried to learn what courage is? Integrity? Nobility?

No? Why not?

We only discuss this yet we fail miserably time and time again when we go out in the real world.

Anthony Geremia of the Centennial College Blog wrote this:

Once school ends, though, you’ll be off the guided rails, without that shared, linear life experience and that can be difficult if you aren’t prepared. Want to know how? Have an idea of what your game plan is when you graduate, what you’re going to do every day, and how you’re going to advance your career. College will set you up for career success, and provide you with guidance and direction, but it’s up to you to take the next step and put the skills you’ve learned towards that career you’ve always wanted.

Does school guarantee success? Of course not! But they guarantee you learning new knowledge and skills to make you become an exceptional doctor, nurse, police officer, technician. But then when you started working, you don’t measure up from your performance reviews.  Here’s what happened:

  • You cannot manage conflict.
  • You cannot communicate effectively.
  • You cannot work in teams.
  • You don’t know how to be a collaborator or a visionary.

These are actually the essential skills to be a successful performer and to be a recognized leader. Once you are employed, the reality looms: You have failed in another interview. How many times do you have to apply for the same job for 10x and still you didn’t get it? The worst part of it, you are already working on a contract role in the same position you applied for. Yet, you kept on failing for the interviews.

So, whose fault is that?

The teacher? The school? The school system? Or you just plainly don’t have it. Did you know that you just been robbed by $10,000 because you realize that after graduation, you didn’t actually have the core skills you actually need to be successful?

Here’s another truth: “Oh, I’m an immigrant. I’m a Doctor back home. But, I can’t get a job here!”

  • Has anyone asked you if you are fully aware how you “show up” for an interview?
  • Do you even consider to understand what affects the interviewer’s judgment in this new country?

So, how do you really “show-up” for your interview? How many times do you have to go to Employment Centre and just be told the same thing over and over again? Still, without a job.  What actually went wrong?

Let me ask you this then: Did you even review the organization’s core values and whether it match yours? Oh, wait! Core values – what’s that? Boom! You don’t even know what it is. Didn’t you know this already: People hire you because of “you.”

It’s all subjective actually.

How would they see the real you if you yourself can’t?

  • How can you be promoted if don’t know how much you have grown as a worker?
  • How can you effectively lead teams and talk about your team’s goals, vision, and core values when you don’t have any?
  • Do you know what are your goals, your personal vision and what are your core values?
  • How can you sustain success if you don’t recognize what is it all about?

Now is the time to talk about courage, integrity, and your possibility:

  • Learn it!
  • Have a discussion.
  • Do homework about it.
  • Create projects.
  • Start looking at tangible results of courage.

A school is not just an institution of students who are trained for future employment. Seek out learning … learn “you” first!

How? Coaching is one platform to invoke your empowered self where future leaders can emerge. It is the birthplace of better humanity and hope.  Seek it out.

Original Source to Article, With many thanks to Mahal Hudson

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