The Superhero Within Us

The Superhero Within Us by Kim Bayne #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Superhero

Remember as a child you had that one superhero that was just IT for you, yeah there were others that were cool, awesome, amazing and strong, but for you, there was just that one… the one that you wanted to be, the one that inspired you, the one you connected with. The one that you couldn’t get enough of watching or playing with the action figures (hey, yeah I am a girl and I had a few… tomboy at heart) I still have that ONE Superhero ‘Optimus Prime’ from Transformers. When I look at Optimus Prime in older cartoons or the new Movies I admire him for so many reasons, the biggest being his Heart for humans. He has a very strong Moral compass and is all about Honor and Integrity and is dedicated to a peaceful existence. Now who wouldn’t love a Superhero like that?

Does any of his attributes sound familiar? Of, course you can’t go from a Semi-Truck to a powerful robot in 2.5 seconds, but his ideals about Life, living in peace and his dedication are relatable for sure.

We each have a Superhero that lives within us. It is the one that others look up to, the one that our peers value in our friendships and what it is what inspires others.

So what does your Superhero look like?
  • Does it look like someone who wants to throw the covers their head and hide, but decide to get up and give the day a chance?
  • Does it look like someone who has been hurt time and time again and yet still continues to Love?
  • Does it look like someone who has been knocked down over and over and may not feel like standing but at least crawls instead?
  • Does it look like someone who has faced cancer head on and did not allow it to beat them down?
  • Does it look like someone who has lost everything but yet continues to fight on working and providing?
  • Does it look like someone smiling at others despite their own pain inside?
  • Does it look like someone who holds their head up high and walks with dignity even though they’ve been kicked, lied to, or even cheated on in a relationship?
  • Does it look like you? Does it look like me? Does it look like your Mom or Dad, or any of your siblings?

“The most wonderful Superheroes in the world aren’t the ones who have the strength of a million men, or who can leap tall buildings in a single bound. They are the ones who have the strength to face another day in the midst of adversity and continue to inspire others in spite of the challenges they face.” ~Kim Bayne

It is what we do with what we are given that creates the Superhero within, it is our strength, our fortitude and our willingness to move forward despite being knocked down. It is about being brave in the face of adversity, and about getting up each and every time we are knocked down and showing up to Life every single day even if that Life is a bit challenging.

We each have unique gifts that were only entrusted to each one of us, no one has the same gift. We can use that gift as our super power. We can take our biggest weakness and turn it into our greatest strength. We can use the challenges we have faced and overcome in the past to be a hero to someone who is struggling with similar challenges. When we reach out to those who are struggling and offer a helping hand, a word of advice, a shoulder to lean on or even a meal, we are showing our Superhero in action.

I have encountered a slew of Superheroes in my lifetime, from ones who loved me when I wasn’t quite so lovable, to Dr.’s, and people on the street sharing their smile of happiness, to friends who just listen when I need a shoulder, to my mom who offers me unconditional love every single day, as well those who I know who get up each and every day facing challenges that some couldn’t even imagine. These are my kinds of Heroes, the ones who don’t think they are, the ones who just keep plugging along in life and inspiring others without even realizing that they are doing it.

So now you know that you don’t have to go from Semi-Truck to Robot in 2.5 sec or run to find a phone booth to quickly change into SuperMan for people to look up to you or to value you as a person or friend, or to inspire others. You only have to simply be yourself to be the real Superhero that is inside of each and every one of you.

And I will leave you this quote from my favorite Superhero ‘Optimus Prime.’

“There are mysteries to the universe we were never meant to solve. But who we are and why we are here, are not among them. Those answers we carry inside.”

Now, get your Superhero suited up and go out there and be the inspirational YOU!

– Kim ♥