The Three Layers of Happiness

“Welcome to the 26 days of Happiness! Today is day 6.  Please meet featured author Birgit Lueders, MH, CCII, D.Ir. from the soon to be released book The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness, as she shares her inspiring story!”

Who am I to be talking about happiness? Am I an authority on Happiness? Not really, just the opposite. Over a year ago I went through a divorce after 18 years of marriage. Now I am a single working mother with two children, quarantined at home, with a business considered unessential during the pandemic.

Can happiness look like this? Yes, since happiness is about knowing how to maneuver through stormy days, and still enjoy the little things in life. My grandmother, a World War II survivor, told me that even during war times, she enjoyed simple moments of happiness like taking a walk or enjoying a cup of tea with a friend.

How many moments of happiness do you have?

Maybe they pass by without your full awareness?

Maybe you feel trapped in a body that is physically achy, emotionally worn down, and spiritually lost?

I am a Herbalist and Iridologist. I realized through my Iridology Practice that happiness and positivity start right with our genetic make-up.

Iridology, in case you were wondering, is the assessment of the colors and fibers within the eyes. Each iris has its own unique pattern and colors. Today Iridologists are able to identify personality traits, physical organ weaknesses, and spiritual images through the eyes. It is true that “Eyes are the Window to the Soul!”

Through knowledge like this I am able to empower and guide my clients to become a best version of themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Here are a few examples of how I use Iridology to enhance happiness within my clients on a daily basis.

Physical Happiness

Susan (48 years old) came to my office due to feeling exhausted, depressed, and tired, despite the fact that she recently got married. Through Iridology I found out that she had a genetic weakness within the adrenal area. She did not have the typical signs of adrenal fatigue to pass a medical diagnosis, but her genetic sign within the eyes was reason enough for me to introduce her to several herbal supplements that might help revitalize her adrenals. As you can see, Susan knew that as a newlywed, she shouldn’t feel that depressed.  

To feel happy, we need an energetic high vibrational body. Did you know that only an energetic physical, emotional, and spiritual body can create positive thoughts? That means we do not always have to look towards emotional pain when we feel depressed or unhappy, it could well be a physical weakness or even spiritual exhaustion that dims your light towards happiness.  

Emotional Happiness

Katherine (67 years old) has always been incredibly happy and funny until she had lung issues. She constantly battled bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia. The doctor couldn’t really help her besides prescribing antibiotics or asthma sprays, so she decided to try a more wholistic approach and visit my practice. She wanted to feel healthier and happier again. After talking to her, I asked if she had suffered a loss recently. Chinese Medicine knows that the feeling of grief is stored inside the lung energy. Just like I thought, Katherine confirmed that she lost her beloved husband a few years ago, and exactly at that time her lung issues started. To help Katherine I suggested EFT, Emotional Freedom Tapping. I also gave her an essential oil for grief, which she told me made a tremendous difference in her life. The moment she feels tight in her lungs, she uses the essential oil on her wrist, and within a few hours, she feels better.

Every single organ in our body has a specific feeling or emotion energetically attached to it. It doesn’t mean when you suddenly feal worried you end up with stomach ulcers. Only if that emotion becomes chronic, then a physical pain within the stomach area will make its appearance. This is a very clever mechanism in our body. It forces us to deal with our emotions first so we can get rid of our physical pain, only then can we live our life to its fullest and happiest.

Spiritual Happiness

Gerry (52 years old) was a client that I met at a national EXPO. He came to my booth and asked for a spiritual Iridology reading. During a spiritual Iridology reading, I look for Chakra colors or angelic images within the pupil. The pupil is usually just black, but if there is a spiritual message for my clients, colors and images can show up. When I took a picture of Gerry, I saw an image of an older smiling gentleman within his right pupil. The right pupil is associated with the genetics of his father’s side. When I explained what I saw, Gerry’s whole face lit up. He suddenly smiled, laughed, and was emotionally overwhelmed. He told me that he always carried that heavy load on his heart for not being there when his Dad died. Now hearing that he is still with him made him realize he never had to say goodbye to him since he still lives inside him, in this case literally in his eyes.

This was a spiritual moment of pure happiness for this man. Sometimes we need to believe in something that we cannot see, touch, hear, or logically understand. Human beings are spirits having an earth-based experience. Spirituality is vital for our overall health and vibration.

I hope these stories inspired you to find happiness within your own three layers, your physical, emotional, and spiritual happiness layers.

Remember your “Eyes are the Window to your Soul.”

Be well! Be happy!

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