The Ultimate Recipe for Happiness

The Ultimate Recipe for Happiness by Dr. Dolores Fazzino #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #RecipeForHappiness

The Ultimate Recipe for Happiness by Dr. Dolores Fazzino #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #RecipeForHappiness

Our world truly is abundant and prosperous. Everything we desire or want is here for us.

Yet why are so many people unhappy? Is it possible that we have bought into the belief that happiness is the result of outside forces? Have we completely disconnected from our inner well of contentment, happiness, and wisdom in the pursuit of all things outside of ourselves?

Many are waking up to the notion that happiness does not come from “things.”

Many have searched for happiness outside of themselves only to figure out that things are not making them happy.  They fool themselves into thinking that just around the next corner they will find the perfect relationship, career, job, toy or next big thing.  It’s just like an addiction, where the addict is looking for their next fix to get really high, never getting to that high no matter how much they mainline.

Though temporary, happiness may be felt in fleeting moments, lasting happiness always evades them.

I recently attended a talk on the near-death experience from a man who shared his experience. He told us that there is only love and bliss when we leave this world. We return to who and what our soul’s essence is when we die. The contrast that we experience on this earth is to remind us to return to our inner happiness that is truly our divine nature, and authentic state.

Pondering his words, I asked myself, how do we return to the inner happiness, that is truly who we are, in this life? I realized the answer in a moment of divine inspiration, we need a recipe for happiness! Below, is your recipe for happiness in this life.

Recipe for Happiness: Appreciation, Allowance, and Acceptance.


As described by Webster, Appreciation is the significance or magnitude of people and things, awareness or delicate perception.

As we are aware, words have an energetic component to them.  Though gratitude and appreciation, as well as love, vibrate highly. Appreciation vibrates closest to the vibration of Love, than gratitude. I refer to appreciation as “Gratitude on Steroids.” Appreciation is beyond being grateful.

Gratefulness provides relief from the desperation that one can feel, such as “Thank God that did not happen.”  Appreciation is not taking things for granted or forming judgments because you did not make the most of a situation.

Appreciation gives us a way of understanding the significance or magnitude of the choices we have made in life that either fully express our Divinity or not, without judgment.

Take time to ask yourself throughout the day, “What do I appreciate in my life at this moment?”


Returning to Webster, Allowance is in part defined as “allowing something in.” I have found that allowance is the giving and receiving of energies according to the laws of the Universe. Without allowance, the balance of giving and receiving can be lop-sided.

Allowance comes from the heart and gives us permission to do allow the flow of balanced energies into our lives, allowing a smooth flow of receiving and giving. Worthiness or being deserving, are beliefs driven by ego, can affect the degree to which we allow ourselves to give and receive.

When you practice Allowance in your life, you feel the flow of joy and bliss. Allowance provides for a state of grace. It is the heart’s permission we give ourselves to receive from the universe.

Ask yourself each day, “Am I allowing the energies of giving and receiving to flow to me and through me? What can I allow more of in my life?”


Acceptance is defined as “giving permission to receive, accommodate or reconcile, to come to peace with.” It is what it is! Acceptance is a place of neutrality where there is no longer a “Charge” or reaction that stimulates a response counter to peace, harmony and inner peace.

Acceptance allows your heart to lead by eliminating the harmful effects of ego-driven criticisms. It gives us the freedom to make new choices in our lives that are aligned with our Divinity, without having to relive our less than satisfying choices.

Ask yourself each day, “Can I joyously accept what I have created in my life and make even better choices that align with who I truly am?”

Yes, happiness is truly an inside job and helps us to experience the love and bliss which is our Divine essence. Making choices that align with who we truly are will bring great happiness into our lives. We just have to remember the happiness recipe.

The recipe for happiness is simple: Appreciate where you are. Allow things to be as they are. Accept where you are.

Wishing you great Happiness always!

– Dr. Dolores

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