The Unity of Consciousness

The Unity of Consciousness by Tat Jane Bego Vic #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #UnityOfConsciousness

The Unity of Consciousness by Tat Jane Bego Vic #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #UnityOfConsciousness

I feel so much Gratitude and Unconditional Love in my heart and soul for this amazing country and all the people and the many opportunities to be of a Service to you beautiful souls of WU World Changers. It is my true Honor to be part of your community and can’t wait to share all that I am with you in order that we may assist more people on our beloved planet, M.E.

I have dedicated my life to this purpose, to serving humanity in quite a Yin way, if I may phrase it that way. Since all Yin contains Yang, too, it is endlessly subdivided into Yin/Yang. At this very significant transition time to new dimensions, new levels of consciousness, we are all called to serve unconditionally and help all beings animate and inanimate to pass through this time.

I feel the urge and an importance in my heart to awaken as many as I possibly can to this calling and to the possibilities that lay within and around us at this time, to the opportunity to individually and collectively join forces in the creation of this new era, new dimensions of consciousness on our planet.

The time is now.

We all know and feel that Mother Earth is undergoing changes, changes that are prevalent in the whole universe as well. What seems to be an upheaval of frequency and energies is getting many out of the loop so to speak. Many need assistance as well as a knowledge and wisdom behind this turbulence. The paradigm that had been implemented onto planet earth during the previous era is changing. The ideas upon which society is based are changing. All this and more is changing our frequency and vibration which is becoming higher and higher. There is a sort of urgency for many to understand that we need to be co-creators of this transformation process and speed up our own evolution, our ascension through purification and to bring about higher vibrations within us to align with these shifts and changes, becoming one with them. The higher dimensions of consciousness are waiting to be experienced and to become fully present on planet earth. Our way of being, our goals, desires, understanding of physical life, embracing the new and becoming the part of the flow.

It is essential at this time that we as a species come together and allow everything to unfold, to open our hearts and souls to the change, and fully enter the flow that is harmoniously leading us all forward. Otherwise, we can find ourselves up against the wall so to speak, experiencing struggles and difficulties, experiencing resistance.

If we open ourselves up to the possibility of this great change, we can perceive our world in a different way and work with the flow, raising our frequency and refining the energies of our mind, body and our spirit in order to assist this process of change, transitioning and being in a sync with all that is. Then the magic of the universe will work with us.

This time of shifts is our recalibration and evolution to the new era in its full manifestation, a new era of light named soul light era, that happened before and has come back in the new form, even more glorious, more harmonious, more intelligent, more enlightened than one before.

Once again, the unity of consciousness is to be experienced in all its glory.

I felt this shift before when I had it confirmed by meeting, now my spiritual father, Master Sha. His teachings were the perfect match for what I knew is real and true.

The new era indeed has begun on Aug.8th 2003. Like any era, it will last 15,000 years. We are so fortunate to be living at the dawn of such a significant time and are able to co-create this new era of light. This a turning point for humanity. The power of mind over matter is moving to the power of soul over matter.

Soul power is the power of the 21st Century and these teachings are here to empower humanity to heal itself, transform, purify every aspect of life, and enlighten soul, heart, mind, and bodies.

– Tat Jane

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