The What If Factor

The What If Factor by Dru Ann Welch #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WhatIf

The What If Factor by Dru Ann Welch #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WhatIf

How often do we spin our wheels wondering about the What Ifs? What if I had done that… What if I had said that… What if?

Well, what if?

What if we stop questioning the things we cannot go back and change?

What if we realize that asking this question holds us back from our lives, keeps us from being present, and keeps us in fear and out of a state of love? What if we just accept what has happened and work with that feeling?

The What If Factor is really a huge part of not only society but also our humanity.

We are constantly second guessing ourselves at every turn in the road. If we can keep asking, “what if I had done that,” rather than “this,” we sort of give ourselves a get out of jail free card because we could have done something else. It is like the What If Factor holds us captive.

My mom recently underwent lifesaving emergency surgery only to have it be life altering for us all. I spent hours while she was in surgery playing the What If Factor over and over in my head. It mostly went, “What if I had not gotten there in time?” “What if I had seen this coming?” “What if this doesn’t work?” You recognize it I am sure, the What If of a crisis.

The What If Factor goes way beyond how we question our decisions in a crisis. It is like this everyday game we play. “What if I don’t get this project done in time?” “What if my friends find out about all of my secrets?” “What if I disappoint my husband/wife/lover?”

We are literally destroying our self-confidence and self-esteem by going back and playing the What If game over and over in life. So, how do we stop it? How do we break this cycle?

First of all, I am going to give you your very own Get Out of Jail Free Card. That’s right, you are free from the jail of questioning all of your decisions and second guessing your choices. This pass never expires. It has no use limit; you can use it all you want. Each time you start to second guess something you have chosen. I want you to play your Get Out of Jail Free Card. Allow yourself to be present with the choice you have made and know that it is right for you at this time.

Next, you are receiving a Free from Guilt Card. This one is also limitless and does not expire. Your choices have been made with the best of intentions. You have done what you thought was right. It is not your fault. You are Free from Guilt. This is a deal maker! You can be present with your decision, not second guess it, and not hold guilt from that What If.

Finally, I am giving you an Unconditional Self-Love Card. This one will help you realize that you are important. You are loved unconditionally, and the sooner you love yourself unconditionally, the sooner you can move through all the barbed wire and make it out to the world unscathed. We have to love ourselves without condition. You have to love you first.

So, one final What If Factor for you…

What if you could make a decision, know that you had made the right choice, be free from guilt over it, and come out of it loving yourself in the end?

I believe you can. I believe it is time for us to break the cycle and be present with our choices and decisions. To truly be in charge of our lives and our futures. Maybe, just maybe, this is the only “What If” we should be working with on our journey to the light.


-Dru Ann

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