The Woo Formula – Believability Determines Achievability

When we’re little we have an innate ability for make-believe. Psychologists call this drawing of magical comparisons between our internal observations and the exterior world, magical thinking. Magical thinking isn’t the widespread cultural influence of Harry Potter, it’s a scientific fact of early-childhood development. It correlates to a similar cultural phenomenon in adulthood called mythmaking through the imaginal mind. Imaginal could be considered a mental image of something not wholly present or real. As we age, there’s a clear nexus that remains between “the real world” and our imaginal mind: a tendency to visualize the inner world in contrast with the environment.  

Create any kind of success by marrying the concept of magical thinking with the science of achievement. By employing a formidable ability of the mind to evoke internal images and combining it with intention-setting, using visualization we can achieve what we conceive. This winning combination doesn’t stem from a whimsical daydream, there is also strong internal belief. The process starts with setting intention, imagining an inner world, discerning next steps, and then acting.

Working with highly creative and gifted individuals, I have seen this combination of inner-vision and outer world success unfold. A few examples are visionaries who use their visual sensory awareness and the internal mind’s-eye to envision achievement. Expressive types have a strong desire and commitment to discover hidden meaning through their inventive creativity and language. Intuitives have a subtle depth perception for pattern recognition to find original solutions. These individuals are often disrupters who perceive social injustices and employ radical tactics to level the playing field for all. I call their methods the “Woo Formula.”

Find Freedom Within

Creatives remain open to their innate creativity and are flexible with the next steps in life. Be willing to tap into this energy. Then, harness the creativity that bubbles up. Be your authentic self. This means allowing yourself to be open-minded and surrender to your differences. We have innumerable examples of this, but a few notable types are television host Oprah Winfrey, musician Carlos Santana, and space and technology innovator Elon Musk.  

Explore inner depths

Curiosity is a natural human tendency and a desire to learn something new. Let your stream of consciousness lead to new discoveries. Stay out of results-oriented thinking and reach for curiosity instead. As your creative process unfolds, you’ll learn how novel ideas occur to you. We can all be creative.

Realize your inherent potential

If we zero in on other great successes, we witness a pattern of inherent human potential. Some philosophers call this human nature or inner wisdom. Knowledge has been passed down to us, each of us, in unique ways and if we believe in the spirit of human potential, we become limitless. We can harness the strength within and allow sudden realizations to flow through the mind, body, and spirit, not only to increase prosperity and joy within but to help our society and communities as well.

In the Wellness Universe’s upcoming book, The Complete Guide to Self-Care Volume 3 Achieve Anything, I share a life-saving story about how important it is to trust the inner woo. While it might sound like a stretch, following the woo can save lives. I champion the inner woo because I have seen firsthand how it intervenes and helps society in special ways. If we all could pay mindful attention to that inner voice and here’s the key, to trust in it, we might see how it bridges the magical with a strong personal intention to create subtle, but miraculous change.

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