Thriving: Life Beyond ___________ Featuring Your Story

  • Do you have an inspiring story of success or overcoming?
  • Do you know in your heart that your story must be shared to help another person going through a similar situation?
  • Can your story support friends, family, loved ones and caregivers?

Here is a wonderful way to have your story shared on The Wellness Universe and supported by the WU community and our readers.

Thriving: Life Beyond _____  is a series in which we feature your original, true life story. Please submit yours today!

Submission Request:

Hello! And thank you for wanting to share your life-changing story to inspire the world. If your story is selected to be published, you will be emailed back with your publishing date. We are excited to begin this series and share stories of everyday superheros.

How can you ensure your story gets published? Please follow instructions below.

Please Copy & Paste into an email and submit:

1. Your Name and State/Country where you live. (This will be posted in the article)

2. Are you a WU World-Changer? If Yes, please include your URL

3. What have you overcome?

4. Please tell us your story in 3 – 5 short paragraphs.

5. Share one epic lesson you learned. Please start with: I am thriving and if I can leave you with one piece of advice it’s:

6. If you would like your image included in the article, please attach a headshot or clear image of yourself to your email.

Please be sure your responses specifically answer the above items.

Your story must be submitted edited and ready to publish content. Please have an editor edit your work prior to submitting. If your submission is not edited, it will not be considered.

Submit #1 -6 in an email to:

In Subject of Email Write: Thriving Submission from ‘Your Name’

The day your story is published, go to The Wellness Universe Featured Blog: You will be receiving wonderful comments you will want to reply to. Please share your blog when it is published with your friends, family and following on social media.

We look forward to publishing your story. The Wellness Universe has over 2.1 Million readers and sharing your story will inspire the world!

Thank you and blessings,