How Toxic Patterns Keep You from Happiness

How Toxic Patterns Keep You from Happiness by Dr. Swan A. Montague #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ToxicPatterns

How Toxic Patterns Keep You from Happiness by Dr. Swan A. Montague #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ToxicPatterns

Happiness and toxic patterns cannot co-exist.

Akin to running malware on your computer and expecting it to function well, toxic patterns are handicaps that secretly run your life, living on in your soul and your cells long after the event that created them in the first place. In fact, they live on forever, until or unless you acknowledge them by making them fully conscious, face, heal, release and transform them.

A toxic pattern can derive from a wound or trauma, coping mechanisms, learned behaviour, cultural conditioning, basic survival, repeated family drama, past lives and/or karma. They become ingrained patterns when either continually reinforced or their lesson and necessary healing is not understood and carried out.

An insult or hurt can become an imprint in the unconscious if it is deeply felt, especially if wrongly dealt, and critically if done to a child.

This can be anything consciously or inadvertently acted out that in some way greatly impacts another. In the case of a child who has limited capacity to make sense of others’ behaviours, coupled with an as yet undeveloped emotional intelligence to handle wrong-doing and hurtful events, if a wound goes unacknowledged and without apology within twenty minutes of its enactment, an imprint is created that lies buried deep in the unconscious, in the soul, and somewhere in the cells until it is unearthed and dealt with.

As the unconscious creates outside of itself in order to be recognized, healed and released, these imprints often remain dormant for decades, or even lifetimes, until they are appropriately treated and transformed. As adults, we have developed coping mechanisms and learned behaviours that protect us from repeating unpleasant experiences and the ego takes over, doing anything it can to ensure we avoid a repetition of the unpleasantness or pain. However, as the unconscious will determinedly do everything in its power to recreate this in our environments so that we do heal it, an impasse is created in which the toxic pattern is running the show.

There are two things it serves us to remember – we create our reality and the ego, which is enormously devious and creative, and it will do absolutely anything to avoid our wounds or sensitivities being impinged upon. Oftentimes the ego would rather die than have its vulnerabilities exposed or unearthed, potentially becoming a hotbed for the creation of devastating disease.

Human culture has become spiritually dissociated, largely depending on material gratification as its main source of happiness.

As we become more conscious, the power of the material world to soothe or make us happy diminishes and the quest for true inner happiness or ‘the peace that is not of this world’ takes us on a journey of self-discovery, spiritual seeking, and healing. The world, and humanity, are undergoing a massive process of transformation in the culmination of various larger cosmic cycles, and toxic patterns from this life or a cycle of many lives, are being literally blasted out from both our own and collective underworlds in order for a massive shift to take place, moving as many people as possible forward into a potential golden age.

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Therefore, toxic patterns are vividly prevalent and clamouring for healing and transformation. As long as these are running in your matrix, they are growing in energy and momentum, the need for attention becoming paramount, and the amount of light blasting onto the planet is highlighting these in the radiant power of a searchlight, demanding they be addressed and appropriately healed.

The world is racing headlong into an existential crisis taking humanity, willingly or unwillingly, into a healing watershed, wherein toxic patterns can no longer play out. Time is up. The eleventh hour is gone, and it is now midnight. Toxic patterns have to be faced otherwise they will become impassable obstructions to any chance of happiness and will continue to re-create their miserable reality, attracting more and more hurt and despair from those around the sufferer and their environments.

If you are reading this you have, in all likelihood, experienced your share of toxicity and are aware that those patterns have already greatly impacted your life.

Even when you have put a brave face on and found ways to manage in the world, you know those patterns have been running in the background of your life. They keep you from happiness because that is their job. They are here to teach you, to help you heal, grow, transform, and evolve.

People proffer banal platitudes like ‘think positively’ or ‘chose happiness’ without understanding that most frequently these create polarization, or deep splits within the psyche, with long-term ramifications that will only perpetuate greater negativity or unhappiness, because they are not valid or lasting solutions but, at best, temporary tools to avoid or manage deep underlying crisis. The unhappiness created by this can be deep and all-pervasive.

There is a symbiotic relationship between toxic patterns and the absence of happiness.

Enabling and encouraging each other in a mutually dysfunctional co-existence, they perpetuate their infinite life like the chicken and egg until the cycle is halted by conscious, healing intervention. The key to their ultimate transformation is the discovery of which, or what came first. Unraveling your soul history, childhood wounds and programmes, family dramas, and karma are the only definitive and vitally necessary ways to unleash the inner happiness that is your core essence and true spirit and soul.

Toxic patterns will actually lead you to happiness if you let them.

Allowing oneself to become aware of them, and then taking responsibility and the correct steps to heal and transform them with the best help and support available is a gateway to moving beyond unhappiness. Happiness is your destiny and toxic patterns are a great map to find it. They are the road signs to true inner happiness, which is already there within your soul somewhere.

Happiness is your divine birthright and healing toxic patterns will free you up to step into it.

– Dr. Swan A. Montague

Please join Dr. Swan and 3 other experts on February 13th at 2pm EST for a WU panel that will discuss, “Releasing Toxic Beliefs and Patterns!”

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