The Transformative Power of Healing Breath

Have you ever noticed your breath or really paid attention to an inhale-exhale cycle?

Where does it connect in your body? Is it in the chest, rising and falling or is it a full-on belly expansion that makes your pant-waist resist back?

Most of us breathe from the chest. Shallow inhales-exhales on repeat, until that deep *sigh* that people notice; enough that they may ask, “everything OK?”

Our breath; such a natural and necessary body-process yet, we live so much of our existence in deep disconnection to it.

There is healing in the breath. It’s real, deep, raw, transformative and accessible healing.

  • It can calm the mind-body connection in as little as three deep inhales.
  • It resets our physiology.
  • It resets our mind-racing and “chatter.”
  • It connects us through somatic, sensory awareness of our body, limbs and its communication to us on a physical level.

Breath changes our state of BE-ING quickly. Effectively. 

I often share with my clients that deep, cleansing breaths, those “full-belly expanding and complete lung-emptying” inhales-exhales will shift our emotional, mental, and physical states within three to five exchanges. It will quiet and calm an anxious mind and body, it will give us room to pause and reconsider reactions when we are angry and tempted to explode, it speaks to all of our biological and physiological processes that we are safe, relaxed, and in an optimal homeostatic state free of threat or danger.

Breath is life, yes, and a key component to one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

When we attend to and give intentional importance to the sacred act of breathing, we inhale peace and exhale disruption. We inhale love and kindness and exhale hatred and upset. We inhale observation, curiosity, and wonder of the world and those around us, and we exhale uncertainty, judgment, and fear. Breathing deeply is not meant just as an automatic exercise interested in keeping us alive, but it also speaks to the depth at which we live in each moment.

Yet, most of us live such shallow lives; in our breath and its capacity.

This flows naturally to all areas of life and growth and begs us to take notice and improve action. Truth is full-belly breathing is not normal to most of us. In fact, many people are confused when asked if they do it and when asked to demonstrate it they find it hard to do so naturally. I’ve witnessed my clients struggle in even FINDING their breath; literally. Their chest will begin to rise, and then their stomach flutters attempting to take over and finding it challenging and awkward to do so. They simply haven’t the muscle memory built-up from correct breathing but the “body remembers” with awareness and attention.

When clients find it, feel it, experience it; wow, the shift that occurs is tremendous. The connection they experience with their physical frame-the House they occupy; I’ve witnessed it bring people to tears.

Breath is vital.

It is free to us all.

It’s healing.


Life-supporting and life-affirming. 

One. Breath. At a time. Try it with me? I promise you’ll like it.

– Raelin

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