Transitional Times Call For Laser Beam Focus

Transitional Times Call For Laser Beam Focus By Suzie Daggett #WUVIP #TransitionalTimes #LaserBeam #Focus #Change #NewSelf #Authenticity #Truth #DearSource #SuzieDaggett #Intention #InnerLight #Spark


“Ask, listen, find your laser focus, trust, and believe.”

These transitional times may be pushing you to discover your true self. You may find you are ready to shed old personality habits, old lifestyles, and old emotional actions during this creative and deeply thought provoking time. With the loss or change of a job, partner, home, spiritual upset or sense of purpose, you may be suddenly presented with a blank slate of the unknown. The old model of highly structured ways is collapsing, making way for a softer more spacious way of being. This means you will need to be resilient while remaining open and courageous while watching things crumble around you; adventurous as you test new waters; intuitive as you journey through roadblocks.

To activate your new self, it is important to find what really lights you up – what makes you tick, what makes you different from others? What causes you to feel so deeply and smile broadly as you discover that which you love? Perhaps you have forgotten about your childhood dreams, your young adult desires, or your deepest soul intentions?

How do we find what lights us up?

To begin, take some deep cleansing, relaxing breaths and continue with conscious deep breathing until you feel you have established a good rhythm. Now, take a moment to be fully in your body. That may sound strange, but many people live in their head (thinking, thinking, thinking) forgetting their bountiful body. In this process, you will want to feel deeply into your body’s inherent knowledge. Start by wiggling your toes, shaking your hands, shrugging your shoulders, sending awareness to any sore spots or old injuries, as you breath with a deep commitment to feel rather than think. Put your right hand over your heart area as you connect to your center of being.

Questions and answers:

Do this exercise by yourself or with a friend as you create this open question and answer conversation. Record this process for ease of remembering. Ask yourself or have your friend ask the following questions, then, as you answer, quietly listen to what you have said. Do not try to fix or change your answers. This process is about hearing your immediate first answer. Your job is to openly hear the questions and neutrally listen to your answers. If you find yourself in the “shoulda, woulda or coulda’s” take a breath and remember your first answer, not the one you wish to hear. Your goal is to bypass the sticky ego, which loves to keep you in your old reality. You are aiming for a more soulful deeper expression of self.

Questions to answer:

a. what do you love to do?

b. why do you love to do (add your answer from above)

c. what is stopping you from doing (add your answer from above)

d. what would you need to change to do what you love?

e. are you ready for a change of any kind?

Now, take the time to process this information – a day, a week or a month – let it gently park within you. It is a big deal to answer these questions, but if you are ready, prepared and present, you will be amazed at the answers you carry within. If you find you are resistant to answering or your mind keeps trying to direct you to the negatives (ego), it can be useful to find someone who does spiritual direction, hypnotherapy, intuitive consultation or soul work for clarity.

Now, what?

If you have found answers, it is time to implement the changes. This is where laser beam focus is of utmost importance. Say you have always loved to sing, but your career took you into banking. You now have time to pursue your singing – how do you start? Who would want you at your age (ego talking here)? Plenty of people will (soul desire)! However, you must put a beam of focus on your intention to sing, laser energy into believing it can happen, while you specifically ask the Universe to help. Take small purposeful steps, as you stay focused. Universal timing will chime in, however, you may not know when or how. Give yourself the gift of permission to listen to your inner guidance. Sing. Believe. Try. Keep trying.

Laser beam focus, belief in your inner self, a positive attitude and gratitude to Source energy are the keys to making this transitional time useful to discover your new self.

Ask, listen, find your laser beam focus, trust, and believe. It is possible to do what you love.

The time is NOW to heal what is within ~ mind, body and spirit.

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