Trees for the Earth

Trees for the Earth by Gerry Straatemeier #WUVIP #EarthDay2016 #Trees

In honor of this year’s Earth Day theme, “Trees for the Earth,” please enjoy today’s Blog of the Day and learn how you can get involved.

All of life is one community. We are PART of Nature. How could we have imagined there could be a separation?

Human beings act like an invasive species on the planet. In small numbers and while we acted like all the other parts of the system, the earth’s ecosystems could support us. Top of the food chain, our numbers have multiplied. Our capacity to wreak havoc has expanded. We are starting to crowd everything else out, not understanding that we are a symbiotic part of a larger community of life.

Scientists tell us the earth itself is probably 4.5 billion years old and that human beings only arrived 200,000 years ago. It’s only in the last 300 years or so that we have become so wildly destructive. We can fix this if we decide to.

It’s like we moved into an apartment building and started remodeling, taking down walls here and there, not knowing that some walls keep the roof from caving in. Over time, as human societies industrialized, more and more and more struts were unthinkingly removed. Now we have made the structure unsafe not only for us but also for our neighbors. It’s like the game where you take tiles out of a tower until it collapses. We didn’t know any better. But now that we do know, we need to find ways to shore that roof back up.

Today I will just focus on the “strut” of TREES. There, of course, weren’t always trees, but it seems that after trees did make their appearance and became huge (interactive) forests, they removed a lot of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This caused temperatures to drop and gave us much more oxygen to breathe. Animal life could now emerge and adapt on land.

Today’s scientists tell us that we human beings have removed or destroyed almost HALF of the earth’s trees! This keeps them from storing CO2 and turning it into Oxygen through photosynthesis. They also perform many other roles in making things work together. Meanwhile, because we desired POWER for our machines and our transportation systems, we have increased the CO2 that needs to be stored. Naturally, temperatures are rising dramatically. This oversimplifies of course; we have failed to clean our apartment for way too long in lots of ways.

How many trees can YOU plant – or cause to have planted this year? Serious request!

The United Nations has set a goal that 7.8 Billion trees be planted by the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020. That is one extra tree for every human being alive today. Now, we need to replace some 3 TRILLION trees we have destroyed, so the goal is only a drop in the bucket – but it still is a start. As more people actually plant trees to help save the planet, their consciousness will also shift along the way.

Thoughtfulness is self-restraint and helpfulness born of Love.

Speaking of consciousness as we often do here – I want to say that our civilization’s thoughtless, aggressive, “me first” attitude creates most of the problems we are causing here.

As SPIRITUAL activists, this is where we count the most.

The consciousness is shifting. We all feel it as we interact every day with the thousands, maybe millions of people everywhere who are actively and consciously trying to “make the world a better place.”

More and more people are awakening to LOVE as the core of their being and adopting “Namaste” as the core of their approach to everyone and everything. This causes people to be more thoughtful not only towards the people in their lives but also towards the planet that sustains us as we find our place in the community of all life here on Earth. WU-HU!

Meanwhile, will you help to plant these trees?

  1. Remember to click daily at
  2. If you would rather plant many trees without a shovel, there are organizations who will plant them for you for a small donation. Check their reviews before donating. One with a decent rep is A nursery tree costs at least $25, so you can plant 25 trees there instead of one in your yard.

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