Are You True Friends or Lovers?

Are You True Friends or Lovers by Eliana Marris #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Lovers

Are You True Friends or Lovers by Eliana Marris #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Lovers

What is True Love and Friendship?

Does he truly love me as much as I love him? Will me and my best friend stick together forever? These are two very important questions in life that everyone gets thinking about when they feel close to someone. You feel like you could never break their trust, and that your feelings for them are true, but do they feel the same way? By the end of this post, you will know for sure. Read on to put your relationships to the test!

In fact, there’s no need to do any testing. Life has already been testing you both the whole time you have known each other. But if you know how to look into the history with your closest friends or romantic partners, you will find your answer. True love or friendship is seeing all the different and detailed parts of someone. The old and the new, but mostly the positives.

Answer these 5 questions to find out for yourself if they are true friends or lovers:

  1. Think back to when you first met this person. Can you remember clearly what they used to look like a couple years ago?

If not, this person is likely a very close friend. This is because when we frequently interact with someone, we get used to seeing their face every day. All of the small things that change about them are noticed but quickly forgotten. In each other’s eyes, you are only what they see in front of themselves, but they also see everything you were.

  1. If there was a period where you hadn’t seen your friend for a while, did they randomly pop back up again to say ‘hi’? Did your paths spontaneously meet again out of nowhere?

If so, you may have found a true friend. This goes the same for ex-partners, as when we are mutually in love with each other or have found real bonds in friendship, they do not end simply because of a breakup. When the two of you do run into each other, you spend time together as if no time had passed at all. The two of you are quite literally inseparable, and they never make a full ‘exit’ from your life.

  1. How much have you and this person changed mentally and physically during the time you have known each other?

If you look close enough, and you truly are friends or lovers you will see a million and one things. The good within that connection keeps you going through the bad with and without them. Facing challenges in life together makes real friendship and proves it is strong and unbreakable.

  1. When you need someone to talk to and no one is around, do you instantly think of what they would say to cheer you up?

I know I do this all the time when I think about a certain somebody. Even when they aren’t there, or haven’t been for a while, it definitely doesn’t mean that you have been forgotten. Within the people we deeply connect with, we feel that we are understood on a whole deeper level that no one else could. Because of this, I’ve spent a lot of time always wondering what that person would say when I needed it most. And it proved to be because they were a real friend from the start to the end.

  1. Have you seen the absolute worst in them?

When they have tears streaming from their eyes and they can’t stop sobbing or burning with anger on the verge of completely losing it. If you are aware of their deepest, darkest secrets and struggles in life, you know who they really are. And they probably have a good idea about who you are, too. Real friendships and romance hold many secrets between the two because when trust is present so is a vulnerability. With vulnerability comes seeing the real you, in both them and yourself, even if you hadn’t seen it before.

When you are true friends or lovers with someone, you see them as a whole painting.

In all its layers of paint and small details. Who you used to be, who you are, and what you went through to get there. With the people I have been closest with through life, I have realised one thing. That they only see what’s right in front of them, regardless of the mistakes you made or if you hurt them in the past.

After a while, you might start to see that you have had many of these people in your life come and go. Some romantic, some not.

Regardless, I hope after reading this you know exactly who your true friends or lovers are.

– Eliana

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