True Self Love

True Self Love by Heather Lang #WUVIP #TrueSelf #TheWellnessUniverse
We need to deeply understand and accept ourselves to obtain true Self Love and to experience True Love with others.

How do we do this? One way is to release old pains and resentments from any type of past relationships, while focusing on why you hold the pain. Realize at the time of the relationship, the other person may not have been in a space of being able to express real love, whether a parent, significant other, friend or child. Or perhaps you weren’t in the proper space at that time. Understand both you and the other person may not have been connected deeply with your souls and maybe have not fully experienced true self-love yet. The important lesson is what you have learned from the relationship about yourself and then what actions you take to heal yourself.

Another way is to release old labels others may have placed on you, to heal and transform. Perhaps other children bullied you or someone who was upset with you called you or said something unpleasant. We carry that energy around of those words and experiences within our energy fields and bodies, and we may not even realize they are affecting us until we decide to do healing work. This type of emotional baggage can be obstacles to receiving what we truly want and from wholly loving ourselves.

Holding onto past emotional baggage keeps you from experiencing pure self-love. We may have the fear of getting hurt again or a fear to trust again. Remember not to judge yourself for holding onto anything. Sometimes we can recognize it within us, and at other times, we are not quite aware of it until someone else points it out. (If you would like guidance, I would be honored to assist you.

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When recognized we are being given the message and opportunity to heal to be able to more fully open to True Self-Love.

This puts us in better balance with our shadow self & the Light we truly are at our heart and soul center.

We have all grown up hoping for true love, yet haven’t been taught the difference between a commitment and a true love relationship. We have been told we need someone else to complete us, to make us happy, to fill those parts of us we are missing, to help us heal from our past and more. This other person is YOU. You are here on your life path to remember you are connected to the Divine, you are the Divine, and it’s the Divine within you, which will fill you up, provide you any missing pieces and help you heal your past. It is you that you are meant to love so that you can then love others and have your dreams manifest. It is you who will help you to transform, while balancing your light and shadow sides to fully “Awaken a more brilliant version of you.™”

The month of June is associated with Love. Many get married in this month of Love, as we all know it in our souls. It is a 6 month in numerology. The number 6 is about all types of Love and our relationship with Love. It relates to the material world, yet stems from the Divine. Remember, we are Divine creatures having a human experience. Therefore, we are meant to experience material things like finances, beauty, relationships, intimacy and more. When we add up the numerology of the month and the year (Month = 6, Year = 9, 6+9 + 15; 1+5 + 6), we are in a double 6 time. This energy makes it even more important to go within to understand, heal and accept our true self with love, while finding Love in all people and experiences.

The Universe is presenting us with the energies we need to release and heal the past, to understand and fully accept ourselves, to discover and connect with our Divine feminine energy (whether female or male) and express this beautiful inner power to the world. It is time to learn true Self Love. Once this happens, Love will flow, and your Divine Partner, the one who resonates with you because they also have True Self-Love may appear. This partner is not here to complete you, but only to support and Love you, for your balanced Light & Shadow sides. It is someone who reflects back the True Self Love you have created and also has developed it in their Being.

May you radiate with True Self Love!


– Heather