Trust After Loss In Love

TRUST. Are you ready to Trust after Loss in LOVE and make a LOVE CAKE?

It’s hard to imagine a life without TRUST, yet, we must consider the meaning of TRUST especially after loss in LOVE

Right now, I’m inviting you to open up to a part of yourself which has been lost in love and begin to really consider the meaning of trust and bring that lost part home again.

It is time now to really consider the meaning of trust.

“Who is worthy of trust?”

How do humans learn to trust when the world feels so hostile, alien and lonely at times?

Trust is one of the most important ingredients when making a love cake.

You cannot have love without trust.

To trust in love when you have been betrayed is the most important challenge in being human.

As humans find it so difficult to trust after LOSS. It is important now to just feel the love and peace envelop you as you begin your journey to your heart.

An excerpt from my book “The Alchemies of Isis” will support your need to jump in the river and begin swimming again after a loss in love.

To trust implies that you consider life to be sacred. You are now bringing this sacred trust to everything that you do, say, and feel. To trust implies that you and life flow. You can jump in the river of life and start swimming again after losses. You are aware that you are trusting when you allow the sweet flow of “All Love” to guide you to a new world. This new world brings you to your truth where your life is sacred. Your life is a special gift where trust and light go hand in hand.

As an author, teacher, and healer, I’m constantly assisting clients and students to redefine the difference between allowing themselves to trust after a loss. This is the most important and difficult challenge in being human, and for a healer, family member, or anyone supporting the need to TRUST after a loss in LOVE

Here are some positive tips you may find handy in helping yourself or someone lost in LOVE:

  • When you trust you are opening up to the light, and when you trust you are challenging yourself that knows no boundaries.
  • To be able to trust The Forces assisting you is the greatest act of love you can give yourself, for in this trusting there is mergence and light

You may like to begin a dialogue with yourself or share with others:

“I now welcome a part of myself home that has been lost.”

“I embrace change as I welcome my heart home.”

“I am allowing my heart to be opened to change as I make the invisible, visible.”

Right now, greet yourself as if you were a stranger and really welcome that part of yourself home.

It is time to welcome this part of yourself home now, as you open up to “All Love” as a way of being human. Just getting yourself open to receive, and bringing your heart home to yourself allows you to feel the essence, energy, and life force of all life.

Just saying to yourself or others,

“The world and I are one.”

“I now begin to feel the vibration of All Love.”

Know that you and the world are free. You and the world are one. Your love cake is ready for the oven.

Isis blesses your heart now.

Heart, I Love You,

– Carmel

Extracts from my book, The Alchemies of Isis Embodiment through The High Priestess.

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