The Ultimate Guide to True Confidence

The Ultimate Guide to True Confidence by Emily Wishall #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TrueConfidence

The Ultimate Guide to True Confidence by Emily Wishall #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TrueConfidence

I believe increasing your confidence is like working out any other muscle in your body.

If you desire to experience greater confidence, it takes consistent practice. A place where people often start in regards to increasing their confidence is to look at limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

This is an important step and I don’t want to undermine it. However, what I have found to be the most effective and fastest practice for myself personally, is to begin to learn what it means to be embodied. This means connecting with my body FIRST and then looking more in-depth at limiting beliefs and such.

In my opinion, YOUR BODY is your Ultimate Guide to True Confidence.

What I have found to be true for myself, is that when I connect within, the voices of ‘I’m not enough’ or other insecure thoughts don’t creep in. There are layers and levels to being fully embodied, and mastering this piece. It takes consistent practice and every morning I do my “confidence workout;” a meditation that brings me into my body and creates a moment of stillness and connection.

We live in a world where we are not invited into our bodies.

Most of our day is based around things happening externally: checking in with our cell phone, social media, emails, etc. We get trapped in what I like to refer to as the ‘head bubble’. It is in this state of being where feelings of insecurity and being ‘less than’ come up. We judge others. We judge ourselves. We lack confidence.

The best way to get out of our heads, to let go of the insecurities, and to experience TRUE confidence is to get into our bodies.

When you have your attention focused inside your body, you have more energy and you have a more personal presence. Your confidence increases with this level of presence in your body. When I am inside my body and present to it, I feel more confident.

You may be thinking to yourself, all of this sounds great, but how do you actually connect with your body?

What does embodiment even mean?

Where do you begin?

To begin to answer these questions, I’d like to walk you through a short practice where you can experience this for yourself. But first, a small amount of background information.

You have both a physical body and an energetic body. How you connect and move with both bodies has a significant impact on the level of confidence you feel.

Your center of gravity and the center point of your energetic field is approximately 2-3 inches below and behind your navel. This point goes by many different names in different philosophies. For example, it is called ‘Dantien’ in Qigong, Tai-chi, and Chinese martial arts. And manipura in yoga and Indian philosophy. It’s the storage center for our life force. When you put your attention on this part of your energy system, it quiets the mind & emotions. It brings you to the present moment and enables you to feel more confident with greater ease.

True Confidence

To experience for yourself the difference between being trapped in your ‘head bubble’ and being IN your body, try out this short practice below.

Energetic Power Center and Head Bubble Demo:

  1. Place your attention on a thought about the future. Feel what that feels like in your body. Be aware of how you relate to what is around you and what thoughts you notice.
  2. Place your attention on your energetic power center. Feel what that feels like in your body. Be aware of how you relate to what is around you and what thoughts you notice.
  3. Set your intention to have some of your attention on your energetic power center as often as possible during each day.

This practice is a great example of how powerful a simple shift can be.

The more you are consistent with it, the greater confidence you will feel and, with time, BEING in your body, being EMBODIED, will begin to become your normal mode of operation.

Your body is your most reliable guide to true confidence.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of cultivating a deeper and more intimate relationship with the ever-present vehicle you have in this life, your body.

– Emily

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