How to Unblock Your Mental Blocks About Meditation

How to Unblock Your Mental Blocks About Meditation by Terry Segal #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MentalBlocks #Meditation #Blocks

How to Unblock Your Mental Blocks About Meditation by Terry Segal #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MentalBlocks #Meditation #Blocks

Got Blocks?

Got blocks to the practice of meditation? Chances are good that if you do, then you also have blocks in other areas of your life. Do you feel stuck in your relationships, work, career path, financial, or life cycle issues, passions, or ability to make decisions? You may unconsciously be harboring self-limiting beliefs that just need to be dispelled or transformed into positive thoughts that support your growth and forward movement. The great news is, once you unblock your beliefs about meditation, you can use it to heal these other areas of life.

Dragons as Block Builders:

I look at blocks as external or internal fire-breathing dragons that chase us around in our heads. Rather than slay or ignore them, we need to send them out as protectors of the gates so that we may relax and focus our attention while they stand guard. Then we harness their power to do our bidding. We train them, through the practice of meditation, to pull our chariots in the direction of our dreams.

Common Beliefs:

I’ve been a Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist for over 30 years and there are some common reasons why people say they can’t meditate.

Check out this short list and see if any of them fit for you:

  • You fall asleep.
  • You get distracted.
  • You don’t have time.
  • You think an hour or more of your time is required.
  • You harbor self-judgment.
  • You don’t like it.
  • You feel like you’re wasting time.
  • You fear you’ll realize something that’ll require you to change.
  • You are afraid that emotions will come up that you can’t handle.

Unblock the Blocks:

  1. Falling Asleep:

This can happen if you’re sleep deprived or the Type-A personality who doesn’t stop until they drop asleep at night. You’re not used to slowing down, only operating on FULL SPEED AHEAD or CRASHED OUT ASLEEP. Meditation gives you a refreshed, new perspective, and respite, even if practiced for 20 minutes.

  1. Getting Distracted:

If you’re having difficulty sitting down on the cushion to meditate, it may be because you’re avoiding something. Hint: If a sudden urge to floss your teeth or clean your car mats feels more important than meditating, you know you’re distracting yourself. The dragons whisper to you to skip it or try another day. Nope! Even if you meditate on the ways you distract yourself, that’s valuable.

  1. Don’t Have Time:

Dragons will convince you that you never have time and so it’s not a priority. Here’s the secret. You have to make time. It isn’t granted to you. If it were, you likely wouldn’t use it for that anyway. (Until you develop a routine that you can’t wait to do each day!)

  1. Thinking an Hour or More Is Required:

It isn’t. In Quantum physics, “earth-time” and “space-time” are different so a 20-minute meditation can leave you feeling like you’ve had a two-hour nap if you’re using it to reduce stress, restore, or recharge.

  1. Harboring Self-Judgment:

Worried you’re doing it wrong? You can’t. The only “mistake” is not to do it at all. Some days it may slip off the most well-intended schedules but pick it back up the next day or do a modified version and all will be well.

  1. Don’t Like It:

Like a baby who doesn’t want to nap even though he or she needs it, you may not realize how beneficial a meditation practice can be and how much you need that time. It can help you de-stress, lower your blood pressure, give you clarity, and assist with decision-making.

  1. Feeling Like You’re Wasting Time:

That’s dragon chatter. It’s never a waste of time to stop and settle into mindfulness of your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

  1. Fearing You Will Realize Something That Will Require You to Change:

You know how we fear so many things that are not likely to happen? A client had told me she feared that if she really got quiet and sat with herself, she wouldn’t be able to stay in her marriage. Meditation can lead to change. Hopefully, it does. In her case, she did learn to meditate, changed her life and is happy! Consider whether you might be afraid to be happier than you are. Often the change is more doable than you might imagine.

  1. Afraid That Emotions Will Come Up That You Can’t Handle:

Usually, this means that emotions come up, more than that they can’t be handled. A lot of people don’t want to feel their emotions. They are gifts, however. Our feelings inform our desires and let us know if we’re on the path toward the Land of Enchantment or the Pit of Negativity or the Dungeon of Doom. Tears can bring a cleansing of the soul. For an exploration of your deeper issues, be kind to yourself and seek therapy so you have help harnessing those big ol’ dragons. No one expects you to do it alone.

Nurture Yourself:

I know it can be tough to take that first step. Take your dragon outside. Secure it to a tree and sit with your back against the tree for 20 minutes. Take deep breaths and exhale. Set a timer and an intention for how you’d like to spend those 20 minutes. Resting, considering an action, or just observing life around you is all meditation and all good.

If you need more help, check out my online meditation course, Retreat from Stress: A Meditative Spa for the Soul. (**) It includes sitting, writing, and moving meditations.

Make this the year you nurture yourself with meditation.


(**)  Retreat-From-Stress

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