Unblocking Your Intuition

Unblocking Your Intuition by Suzie Daggett Video by Mitchell Osborne #WUVIP #intuition #gratitude

Unblocking Your Intuition by Suzie Daggett Video by Mitchell Osborne #WUVIP #intuition #gratitude

Your Intuitive Soul

Your soul is a vast arena of love, light and beauty. It lives in your heart, continually connecting you to the eternal world of Source energy and is heard through the intuition channel. Our souls made a decision to be here on this earth plane so we can grow towards love with our specific life lesson.

So, how does one simple human – you or me – take this big broad expanse of loving soul energy and make sense of it? How can our soul intercede with us to make our lives less complicated, less stressful, less painful? Can we really find joy, love, happiness, compassion, kindness and conscious awareness? Yes, we can…if we open our hearts and learn the practice of living intuitively.


First impressions

Our intuition whispers softly and subtly to us at every moment – waking or sleeping. Information we need to hear comes swiftly, however, we may not hear it if our loud busy mind is the only voice we are tuned into. There are many ways to find your particular intuitive voice ranging from hearing, feeling, smelling, seeing, sensing. This, your most important and imperative sixth sense, gives you tools to live a life of soul connection and ease. When you ask a question or receive information, take note of your immediate first impression, which comes from your soul. Write it down or share if possible. This helps you validate intuition.



Here are some practices you can start with to amp up your intuitive channel. Think of this as fine-tuning your heartstrings, just like you might do on the radio to hear what you choose to hear rather than what is being broadcast. Before you go into your closet, ask your intuition to guide you to the right color, shirt, dress, shoes, etc. See how you feel when you dress. Are you smiling, do you feel good? When you shop for food ask before you enter the market for the items you “need” to be shown then, allow the information to be heard or your hand to be guided. Intuition is a feeling process (heart) rather than a thinking process (head). When you get home, check and see if you found exactly what was needed for your body rather than what was wanted (less sugary snacks maybe?).


When you meet someone for the first time, check in with your intuitive voice and see if you are screaming ‘get away’ or ‘wow, there is a new friend’. Note – intuition is not an emotional response. It is information guiding you for soul growth, not hormones or the cuteness factor. Your soul has specific needs for your inner growth while your mind/ego/personality has different wants. If you get the nudge to back out of a job or relationship, that is your soul helping you navigate life.



As Mitchell Osborn says in the adjoining video, gratitude is a key player to continue your intuitive practice. The universe loves gratitude! When you give high thanks each time you get an intuitive hit, this is the signal you heard, receive and reacted to your soul. And, gratitude keeps the door wide open for more intuitive guidance. Your soul is unique, just like you and loves for you to practice and live intuitively. You will experience more soulful ease and joy in your life when you live an intuitively driven life.