Unmask Your True Identity

Unmask Your True Identity By Heather Corinne Lang #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #Unmask #True #Identity

Who are you as your core being? Who are you pretending to be based on those you are around? What types of fears are you hiding from others? What exactly are you afraid of?

I used to be proud to be a chameleon in life. I used to agree with many others just to be a part of their circle, to be included, wanted and loved. I thought if I acted and thought more like them, they would like me better. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps in grade school it started or high school, college or even your first job?

Thinking in this manner puts a mask on our true identity.

It covers up our authenticity. We may not realize we are pretending to be someone else. We may rationalize we are just “trying to get along”. I know I rationalized my chameleon nature in the past. But, it really didn’t showcase the “real me”. I was afraid if someone knew what I really thought, I would be judged, banned or worse. So, I “fit in”. The sheep mentality at its finest, but the word chameleon sounded so much wiser somehow. But who was the real me? Had I buried her so deep I couldn’t find her? Not really, as life has a way of leading us back to our true nature.

At two of my office jobs, we were required to take a test. The test basically put us in a bucket of our basic personality type and attempted to teach us to understand the basic type of those around us. It was supposed to help us become better co-workers and teammates. Looking back, I took it to heart that my chameleon nature was an excellent quality because I could be like anyone else and be the best co-worker and teammate and everyone would like me.

More rationalizing.

As I begun to awaken to different aspects of life, my chameleon nature started to fall off. It began when I went to therapy due to a co-dependent relationship. I started to understand I was afraid of being different. I thought that in being different, no one would truly love the real me, so I had to put on my mask and be just like those around me.

As I started to become healthier in my mind, my emotions became healthier. I started to eat better and learn more about health & wellness in association with my mental, emotional and physical states. I started to meet new people and tell them about my co-dependent nature. The chameleon depends on its surroundings to blend in and survive. I was simply surviving, not thriving in life. I claimed to be happy, but I didn’t quite yet understand true happiness.

As time went on, I began gaining inner strength and the courage to reveal my inner truths. I believed in many eclectic, mystical and alternative things. In a world dependent on “reality”, these things were not typically acceptable. Yet, as I unmasked my true identity, others saw the difference in me. They saw that I was healthier, happier and more well-balanced. They asked me about it. I started to reveal what I thought about food and how it affects us, and as I talked about it, others came to ask me about it.

These folks liked my true identity, my authenticity! I talked about psychics, astrology, and alternative health options. Others listened and didn’t appear to judge me, and I felt accepted and liked as the real me. I discovered later that I was so ingrained in my authenticity that I didn’t care if they judged me. What an awakening! If they did judge me and didn’t like the real me, that was okay, since I now know judging is more about them than me.

The chameleon changed her skin to reveal herself in many situations. I was no longer afraid others would not like me, because if they only liked me because I acted, thought and had the same opinions as them, the relationship wasn’t authentic or fulfilling. I made the decision to unmask my true identity and my life attracted those who were more incredibly kind, caring & loving relationships.

I found more people who had similar beliefs, thoughts & opinions as I did. And these friends weren’t attempting to like me, agree with me or act like me. They simply resonated with my energy, my frequency, and my vibrations, which ironically was quite different than who I had previously attracted. I became healthier in my spiritual essence. Healthier in mind, body & spirit. My inner peace & joy blossomed by revealing my authenticity … my true identity; allowing me not only to survive but thrive.