Upleveling Wellness Featuring Leah Skurdal

In our everchanging world, it seems as though the pace of life is moving increasingly faster, working itself into a whirlwind. The need for self-care, mental health, and prevention is quickly becoming a necessity for survival. We all want to live healthier, more peaceful lives but where do we go for help? And if you don’t have the extra cash, what can you do to help yourself?

Upleveling Wellness, a Wellness Universe exclusive series, is here to guide you. Glean from our experts’ wisdom and walk the path to a healthier, happier you.

Today, we introduce you to Leah Skurdal.

The Wellness Universe (WU): What do you do?

Leah Skurdal (LS): I guide sensitives and intuitives to reconnect to their inner wellbeing, so they can respond to change with courage, improve their relationships and expand their impact. I speak to groups and offer workshops on improvisational jazz living skills to equip people with practical tools to access their inner resilience during these transformational times. I offer guided meditations and individual energy healing sessions to help people integrate the energy shifts flooding their bodies and the earth.

WU: Why did you choose to devote your career to this?

LS: I am passionate about creating a world that works for all. I imagine 500 years from now when we have created a world of wellbeing for all and imagine what I did in this now moment to stay on that trajectory – which is why I am speaking out. I want to spark a flame of hope for a future where all thrive.

WU: How does your work help individuals?

LS: In my workshops, I create a sacred space for opening to inner creativity and wisdom through improvisational Jazz Living. When we adopt an improvisational approach to life, we can better navigate life’s complexities with agility. People gain hope and courage by tapping into their inner resilience during these uncertain times.

WU: How can your work improve wellness in the workplace?

LS: When employees are tapped into their inner resilience, they feel less stressed and improve their workplace relationships. Equipping employees to respond to challenges with curiosity and innovation can help workplaces keep pace with today’s uncertain and rapidly changing world. Creative insights to solve complex problems can emerge from an environment that values imagination and intuitive learning.

WU: What can individuals do to help improve their wellness?

LS: Spend ten-twenty minutes a day listening to heart wisdom. Sit quietly, walk mindfully or dance joyfully while focusing inward. Imagine breathing through a nose at the center of the chest to bring awareness from head to heart. Listen with the ears of the heart for higher wisdom expressing as a still, quiet voice within.

WU: How can employers improve wellness in the workplace?

LS: Create environments where creativity and innovation are valued. Support open environments that promote experimentation, improvisation and new possibilities to respond to change with agility. Allow both individual uniqueness to shine and support collaborative models to innovate new solutions.

WU: How can healthcare providers better support their clients/patients?

LS: Health care providers can listen with their intuitive hearts to what is going on with the client/patient rather than rely only on intellectual head knowing of facts. When providers engage their intuitive knowing, they offer a deeper level of care and more insightful solutions.

WU: How can individuals, employers, and the healthcare system navigate proactive vs reactive care?

LS: Proactive preventive care can focus healthcare education and marketing on strategies to build healthy immune systems that prevent disease from taking hold. Expand incentives for individuals to do what it takes to stay healthy. Give people grace and time to recover during times of grief or stressful situations.

WU: Tell us about a gaffe you made in the course of your practice, how it affected your client or business, and what you learned from it.

LS: I especially recall one situation years ago when I talked too much and didn’t listen to the client’s needs. I was full of self-importance, acted like a know-it-all and pushed product I believed would help them. The client left abruptly and didn’t return. The situation spurred me to be a more compassionate, and humble listener. Over time, I’ve discovered how to listen for the vibration being communicated underneath the surface words.

WU: What is the best client outcome you provided?

LS: After three individual energy healing sessions, one client reported a fabulous outcome. She felt better able to handle stress. Her relationship with her husband improved. And she received a job promotion with a corner office. It felt satisfying to support her making several big shifts. I love supporting people’s expansion.

WU: Please share a quote you live by.

LS: The motto that inspires and leads my life is: One earth, one people, one love.

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