Using Space Clearing for Your Business Part 4

Using Space Clearing for Your Business Part 4 by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #UsingSpaceClearing
Using Space Clearing for Your Business Part 4 by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #UsingSpaceClearing

In the conclusion of this 4-part Blog Series by Robyn Fritz, she describes a true story of using space clearing to tap into the soul of her business which helped choose her business name, Alchemy West. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 3

Using Space Clearing to Tap the Soul of Your Business – Part 4: A True Story About How Clear Businesses Work

In this series about space clearing, I’ve prepared you to think about two things: how everything is energy and sometimes gets stuck and needs clearing, and that everything is also alive, has a soul, a job, and opinions. It’s a mindset I call Planetary Connection, in which we aren’t caretakers and guardians in charge of the world, but equals with all life. It’s true not because I say so (I wish!) but because this is what I learned by working with nonhumans.

I started out my intuitive practice by talking with non-humans, from animals to land and weather systems (hurricanes, volcanoes, oil spills, things like that). Then one day I found myself house-hunting. I drove my real estate agent nuts until I finally realized that I wasn’t looking for a new home for myself; instead, I was hearing homes talking to me about the people they wanted to live in them, and asking me to help connect them. Wow!

At first, I was surprised: the idea of a sentient storm was fine, but how could the things we built be alive? Then I realized that was limited thinking: how things come to take physical form is part of the soul purpose of any being, and some of those purposes include being homes and businesses. Once I thought about it, I realized we were losing the opportunity to find out what our homes and businesses need and want from us, so not only were they possibly not reaching their potential, neither were we.

As spiritual or other-directed as we may be, this is a loss of connection, but as business people, it’s also a potential damper on our personal and professional lives. Think about it: if our homes and businesses aren’t at 100 percent, how can we be?

How does the knowledge that everything is alive and can partner with us reverberate in our lives?

The concept that other beings have something to say to us, and the right and often need to say it, challenges the basic mindset that we’re the apex of civilization. We have different brains than animals, and, as someone once said to me, a home or a business doesn’t have a brain, so we’re better than they are (not true). It’s more like the human brain is designed to help our bodies survive and thrive, and other beings don’t need that particular device. It makes them different, not inferior.

Biology is destiny? Sort of.

I know, because I fell into this trap, too: we can get hung up on the simple fact that we invented our cars, our homes, our businesses, and much of what surrounds us (like peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips or computers). Sometimes I’ll look at my animals and realize we invented them, too. We’re used to winging it, and then imposing rules on what we end up with.

Because we invent things we think we’ve created them and that creates inequality in something approaching “divine” fashion. Well, birds build nests, ants build anthills, so why is a car or house any different? They are things we’ve decided we need to survive. So the souls that are these beings come and help us do that. This is how both sides grow their souls. It really is that simple.

In the current state of the world, we depend on our businesses to acquire the money to buy the things we need to survive, from food to shelter. Whether we work for someone else or go out on our own as I do, we need our businesses. And our businesses need us.


Here’s an example of how space clearing and connecting with the soul of a business can affect us. My business is incorporated as Alchemy West. It took a long time for it to come together; I just knew I needed to be patient, which is not my strength. (Meditation should take about 10 seconds, and I do a lot of my intuitive work while multi-tasking to the extreme!)

My vision was to create a corporation that needed to represent the earth paradigm, the reality that all life must cooperate to create a healthy future for our evolving planet. My work is about transforming community: we can choose to recognize that we are equal citizens of the planet with all life, or we can continue to be stuck-up humans.

So how could I describe transformation as something that isn’t tied to the past, is modern and innovative, yet honors the traditions it came from—our souls’ pasts? When I finally realized that my business would know, I asked it what its name was, and back it came: Alchemy West. Of course. People are afraid of alchemy because they think of dark occult weirdnesses, but alchemy is change and transformation, and this kind of alchemy is new, which my business thinks of as “west.”

My next step was to create a website when I have stubbornly refused to have a relationship with my computer (yes, I’m human and I goof up like everybody else). It took me months to settle on what I needed, sit down and do it, and find the right people to help me. In the process, I became much clearer about what I needed out of business: community. I support other people and their businesses, but they don’t always support me. It’s a lesson I continue to learn, because I’ll never give up on bringing people and other beings together for work and fun, for all those things that define a cooperative world.

However, it took me a while to realize my business had its own ideas about how it wanted to work, and that it, and the many other beings I work with, actually expected to be a part of the decision-making process. When I tried to do things strictly my way, for all the usual reasons, like giving business to friends to support their businesses as well, it didn’t always work. In fact, several times the failures were so huge that everything collapsed around me.

The team I hired to do my website simply didn’t do the work. I noticed they were extremely negative about other people who hired them, but thought if I persisted it would work out. They were friends. However, the continued delays, and the rancorous atmosphere, alienated my business: it simply refused to work with them. There was no getting past that: I finally had to terminate the relationship and move on. Over time, I’ve acquired contractors who fit well with my business, and together we have thrived. Regular space clearings of my home and business space, and of myself, supported the changes.

So there are hazards as well as great advances that come from creating a partnership with your business. In my case in particular, there are other beings involved in my business besides the business itself, and most of them aren’t human: they are animals, volcanoes, beaches, my home, my desk, new desk chair, spirit guides, crystals, salt lamps, the list goes on (and, yes, my computer)! Try to get all those beings to agree on a logo or the words on a page! I now cheerfully call them “the Alchemy West committee,” and consult them on the steps I take to move my business along. Or else (literally!).

I have learned to screen people I hire. I first tell them about the committee, and then if they’re still willing, I run them past the committee. Since I promote a cooperative world, it makes sense to figure out how to live one. It’s ongoing.

So, the soul of my business and its personality are daily involved in my work. Space clearing is a methodology I use to keep both of us clear and thriving.

What are you doing to tap the soul of your business? What are your experiences and challenges? If you’d like a personal consultation with your business or a space clearing, please explore my website at RobynFritz. I’d be honored to work with you.