Venus Retrograde: Love and Money

Venus Retrograde Love and Money by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #VenusRetrograde
We’ve all heard of Mercury Retrograde, but what is Venus Retrograde?

Venus will be in retrograde from March 4th through April 15th. A Retrograde is when a planet appears to be going backward in the sky. It encourages us to look back on our lives in some aspect. The aspect is generally what the planet rules and where it hits in your astrology chart. Retrogrades are excellent times for rethinking, reviewing, redoing, revising, reorganizing, re-analyzing and reflecting. It’s an excellent time to go over any old issues and release them. It’s also a wonderful time for research! Retrogrades provide a type of energy to understand the past in a different way, release it and heal from it.

Venus rules Love and Money. Therefore, topics of old relationships, old relationship issues, communications in relationships, plus issues with money, communications with money, your relationship to money and possibly both relationships and money combined in some fashion can be highlighted during this Retrograde. Venus will be in retrograde from March 4th through April 15th.

For instance, I have had three significant intimate love relationships in my life. All three of these men have owed me money, which hasn’t been paid. Hello, Love & Money issues! I worked with a friend, who is also an energy worker, to release much of this before the full moon lunar eclipse earlier this month. (Full moon and eclipses are another excellent time for releasing!) Now, I feel lighter and more joyful, and not stressed about money. I accept I may never get paid back, which opens me up to the way the Universe wishes to send me all types of abundance. Plus, I have noticed I am receiving larger tips than I had before!

Now, when Venus Retrogrades, I can now use the energy to dig deeper, to re-think, re-feel and release any more issues with Love and Money, and you can too! The more we release, the more we can discover to release to help us open up further to the abundance the Universe actually has in store for us, which is better than anything we can imagine.

The solar eclipse on Sunday, February 26th allowed us more opportunity to release before Venus Retrograde to help deal with situations as they will arise during the Retrograde. Working with the energies as you understand them is a powerful combination. You must be fully ready to truly release issues, hurts, pains, situations, and people since we do not want to pick up anything we have released.

Utilizing an energy worker can help you, as the person can contribute to lead you, ask you questions and help you discover what needs to be released, healed, and transformed. Being an energy worker has always been part of my soul path, and I love helping people which is why I do what I do. I both, do the work and assist others in doing the work to release what’s holding them back to help them heal, transform, and awaken. I highly recommend finding someone you resonate with to help you heal yourself, and I’d be honored to assist you. You can learn more about me on my Wellness Universe profile.

Another side of Venus Retrograde is possibly thinking about old relationships with “rose-colored glasses.” You may want to connect with an old flame, or an old flame may want to connect with you, remembering only the good times. You may or may not hear from them, but be aware of the energy and how it is affecting you and your emotions before acting on them. Or Venus Retrograde can bring up fears regarding relationships or relationships with money. Any combination of Love & Money can come into play, depending on where you are on your soul journey. Recognize them as learning opportunities and take the time to re-evaluate, re-think and release what needs to be removed.

Venus Retrograde is also not a good time to spend money on something new because it could “appear to look good,” when in fact, it’s a bad idea. Therefore, do not purchase any new clothes, personal items, electronics, etc. during this time. It is okay to buy necessities, yet, trying something new should be avoided. It is a good time to research items or “window shop,” noting what you like and then after the Retrograde then looking again to see if it still resonates with you. If it does, go for it! Or, you may find you don’t care for the item.

May you utilize the Venus Retrograde to “Awaken a more brilliant version of you!™.”


– Heather

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