A Visualization Exercise for Creating Space

A Visualization Exercise for Creating Space by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CreatingSpace

A Visualization Exercise for Creating Space by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CreatingSpace

Waking up each day, to a world of constant change and chaos, can be demanding on the lives of individuals.

Do you feel caught in a trap where you feel so confused and everything becomes crowded and rowdy in your mind and/or in your environment? Or have you become so wrapped up with yourself that you leave no room for others and/or important moments in your life or in your loved ones lives? You are not alone in this.

Often, people get so lost, that they feel there’s no space for improvement, for mending broken relationships, or even getting along with new ones.

There are ways out of this, and it begins with you and your willingness to start creating space in life, and also setting intentions to open your mind to go places where you never thought you could go.

If you have never tried a visualization exercise, now may be the good time to start. So there you have it, you can start creating space through visualization.

What is Visualization?

Visualization is simply a way of creating or painting specific mental images of what your inner man uses as a map to achieve a state of peace, fulfillment, joy, and patience. With this, you can improve your physical outlook and relationships with others. All you need for this exercise is your ability to create images that improve you.

This process is structured in such a way that it is more like a meditation than daydreaming. So, what does it offer, and why would you want to create space this way?

  • When you begin to look through your mind, you see beyond what your eyes can see in terms of accomplishment. You somehow have the power to create what you need at the moment.
  • You activate your mind, making it a tool for bringing your goals of creating space for new things into reality, as well as, strengthen it. (this might not be easy when you only want to  go physically)
  • You are in control of your thoughts, and you will begin to bring awareness to your mind and how it functions.
  • Your mental focus will increase, and you can channel your energy into improvement and results.
  • It is fun and brings out opportunities to try out new things, leaving room for improvement through your creativity.
  • You can use the energy within you to create something positive on the outside.
  • You will be non-judgemental towards yourself and others.

One of the most important guidelines for visualization is ‘’non-violence.’’ This is in terms of yourself, your own image, other people’s images, perception, not slaying someone in your mind, and not causing physical or emotional harm to others. It also doesn’t allow room to create negative pictures of how you want to kill someone or something, to be able to create space in your life. It’s a NO NEGATIVITY ZONE.

Now, Let’s Get Started. Here is A Visualization Exercise for Creating Space:

With visualization, the first step is to get a quiet and soothing environment. In some cases, you may use soft music without words, or the sounds of nature such as the slushing water of the ocean, raindrops, and wind. (especially when you want to visualize your way out of a stormy situation)

Next, choose a time of the day that you feel you are at the most peace; this will help you settle more quickly into visualizing.

Get comfortable sitting for longer visualization periods (standing might be good if it is for a short period of time as you don’t want to get fatigued and distracted). Always bear in mind that this exercise can be done by anyone.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to calm down gradually by breathing slowly and evenly. Now, pick a point of focus. (This is where your creation of space comes in). If you chose to create space, first take a few moments to analyse what you think might be clogging or overwhelming your life. Let the thoughts come and go, and do not dwell on them. It may be family, work, personal life, physicality, health conditions, marriage, and relationships. Just pick one at a time for each visualization. You may even spread them into different days of the week where you can take time to visualize on each one.

For creating space, start with seeing through your mind why this particular situation seems to be taking up all the space, and not leaving room for positivity or productivity.

Then, drop the thought. Take a deep breath in and then out. Begin to paint like an artist. Use the colours in your mind to paint a picture of your journey. In this journey, you have not seen the end, you can only paint what happens as you go along the way. Paint what you see, what you enjoy, and what you feel as they become splashes of colours.

As you paint, begin to feel moments where you have made time to be a new person without any cares or worries. In detail, paint how your surroundings feel and the colours they represent, what each step is as you place your feet in front of each other on this journey. Make a few stops and take time to savour each detail. Paint the joy you experience, all with bright colours, as you go. Sing with your colours, do activities you had always wanted to do but you never had time to, make the colours blending ever so beautifully. Don’t end this journey, keep going, and experience peace as you focus on the space you created for each new thing.

You will experience ways of creating space deep within you, and over time, you will begin to bring them into reality.

Creating space is a great means of enjoying your life on earth, you can achieve the best physically, mentally, and socially. Visualization is the key to unlock this awesome experience. Tread the way of life in peace, ease, joy, and positivity. You are sure to come out vibrant and sparkling with new things to share with others around you.

– Amanda

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