Visualization Exercise: Healing and Balancing Your Chakras


You are made up of light, love, and intelligence, which is why it is a very important practice to heal your chakras.

Sometimes referred to as energy centers, the chakras, help your overall system to run smoothly, but more importantly, help you to feel wonderful in general. In energy healing, the chakras are usually the first place we healers go to when we want to heal something particular.

Chakras essentially tell healers what the rest of the health issues are about. The chakras are like the roadmap of where the body/mind/spirit is going with its energy or how they are treating themselves.

Your Chakras also need to be cleared every day in order for your system to run smoothly.

In order to use visualization to balance your chakras, you must be willing to accept where your chakras are now – and to scan your energy centers. As odd as it may seem, many of us have had difficulty accepting the possibility that our chakras are not balanced. This imbalance usually stems from some form of chaos or another that lets in basic unwanted energy such as dirt or debris and is generally nothing to worry about.

The basic scan involves closing your physical eyes and opening up your third eye to imagine what it would be like if you could see the energy centers in your physical body. If you could see them, chakras would look like seven beautiful glass globes stacked on top of one another from top to bottom in these colours:

  • Violet.
  • Indigo.
  • Sky Blue.
  • Emerald Green.
  • Sunshine Yellow.
  • Vivid Orange.
  • Ruby Red.

Similar to meditation, your inner vision can also clear and balance your chakras.

I often use visualization when I need to clean my chakras in a hurry, such as right before an unscheduled reading. This visualization is to be done alone, and not in the company of others. You may or may not wish to lie down or sit, depending on how well you can concentrate on each position.

Here is a visualization exercise for healing balancing your chakras that I find particularly effective:

Relax deeply and do whatever type of preparation you wish in order to enter into a deep quiet state of mind.

Think of yourself as a clear channel through which beautiful energy of the universe is pouring. This energy does not come from you personally it comes from a higher realm and your job is to focus and direct it.

Now picture or think of your chakras as clearly as you can. See a large beam of crystal white light coming into the top of your head as bright as you can imagine, like the Light of Christ shining down on you.

Visualize the light penetrating the inside of the top of your head clearing away any darkness or debris from your chakra, the crown at the top of your head, your ear chakra over your two eyebrows, your third eye between your two physical eyes, your throat chakra, your heart chakra, solar plexus behind your navel, your sacral chakra a few inches below your navel, and your root chakra at the base of your spine.

As you take a very deep breath,visualize your root chakra and the color red. Breathe in the color red. Affirm, ‘I AM safe and provided for.’ As you exhale completely, see yourself breathing out the color orange for your sacral chakra. Affirm, ‘I AM taking excellent care of getting my needs met.’

Next, breathe in the color yellow as you see your solar plexus expanding. Affirm, ‘It is safe for me to be powerful, my power is rooted in love.’

And as deeply as you can, breathe out the color blue as you see your throat chakra cooling and soothing. As you affirm, ‘It is safe for me to speak my truth with love. All of my communications are balanced and fair.’

And now breathe out the color green for your heart chakra, as you affirm, ‘It is safe for me to love. My heart chakra is expanding like a flower as I give and receive love now.’

Then drawing in the color purple as you visualize your third eye chakra swirling with your breath, see the purple entering all of the cells of your bloodstream healing you.

Affirm, ‘It is safe for me to see the truth. I safely open up my third eye now knowing that I can handle what I see and all of my visions are in Divine and perfect order.’

Finally, breathe out the color violet flowing to your crown, breathe out completely as you affirm, ‘I forgive myself including everyone for all judgments made in all directions of time.’

Repeat the entire process three times.”

A carefully healed chakra system has two functions.

First, it helps you, the person, to stay in the light.  Second, clear energy centers and that glowing health will give others good vibes that you send out into the world.

Remember that healing the chakras sets the tone for your sum total energy and should relate to your intentions for personal growth or the main idea for health you’re trying to achieve.

If this is your first time balancing your chakras, you may experience a slight tingling sensation from the energy work involved but with regular practice, you will notice a more fluid and blissful sensation.

– Julie

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