Waiting Until We Are Good Enough

Waiting Until We Are Good Enough - Eileen Anglin

Do you wait to do something until you think you are ready in some way?

Do you wait to do something until you think you are ready in some way?

How many times have you told yourself you will:

  • Start dating
  • Take a vacation
  • Start a hobby
  • Create something
  • Sell something
  • Start something
  • Learn something
  • Do something

But you won’t take action until you think you are good enough to do so?

One thing you need to know about this is if you wait until you are perfect, that day may never come!

We care far more about what others think of us or will think of us than what it is our soul wants us to do.
You know who is caring about that? The inner child. The child that is insecure, feels ashamed about something, doesn’t feel good enough. The part of us that even as an adult would feel the sting of someone’s opinion, remark, or judgment about who you are.

One false misconception we have is that those who are out there doing those things, who we think of as “successful” know more than we do or somehow have it all together. I’m here to tell you that is an illusion, my friends. Definitely a false misconception! And anyone who knows those “successful” people will tell you the same.

Not being good enough is a challenge most people struggle with at some point. The difference between those people and others is that they didn’t let the fact they wren’t perfect stop them from going out into the world and letting their light shine.

If I waited until I thought my art was good enough or my writing up to par, you wouldn’t be reading this and this website wouldn’t exist. I happen to have mild dyslexia so my writing can be pretty wonky at times. I know that! I post it anyway.

Sometimes people stop following me due to grammar or spelling errors, but I keep writing and sharing it for all to see. Sometimes they unsubscribe because they don’t like my art and will say so. I’m self taught – I channel my art. I know I still have more to learn. I keep painting and showing and selling my energy art.

Some people have trouble accepting what I do. I keep doing it. I won’t let it stop me. Because I know what I am doing is important. What I want to put out into this world is greater than my fear of how it will be perceived. My desire to heal this world by bringing the energy and the messages of the Archangels is bigger than what others think of me. I believe in my message. I believe in my mission on Earth. And I ask the angels to help me get through the moments I almost stop myself.

So really ask yourself: are you willing to give up life’s little pockets of joy and happiness, your soul’s song, and your sense of accomplishment for what a stranger may think of it or of you?
Are you really going to to hide the light you want to shine because people will see you in all the glory of not being the perfect person you think you should be?
Is it really going to be worth it not to participate in life affirming, positive activities because your knowledge of it or your body or your social skills aren’t up to the standards that your inner critic thinks they should be?
When we are very, very old and thinking back on our lives, will you wish you had taken your imperfect self and let yourself walk out onto the stage of life?
What is it that you want to do, or put out into this world that is greater than your fear? Greater than your fear of how it or you are perceived?

Ask your angels to help you find the love and the courage to accept yourself just as you are, right now.

Consider surround yourself with people who believe in you, and believe you are good enough just as you are, or getting the support of a licensed counselor or life coach and explore what you have put off doing because you don’t think your good enough yet.