Compassionate Conversations for a Courageous Life: We Are Greater Than The Sum of Our Parts

There are times in our lives when we set something in motion and feel ourselves unanchored, adrift, and floating about as we try to control its outcome. Yet, once set in motion, it\’s our work to allow its unfolding and be open to receive its gifts. 

Sometimes the gifts are great life lessons that may test us. Sometimes the outcome of what we\’ve set in motion is far greater than we had imagined. Sometimes it\’s years before we understand the magnitude of the gift. Within it all, we come to know that we have a great Love that lives within us and which surrounds us. This Love is larger than our human body can contain, ever-present, and ever accessible. 

It was this very Love that brought us to this earth and will guide us home when our time here has come to its close. Will we open ourselves to receive its gifts?

Love is always available to us waiting to be called. Will you allow yourself to be vulnerable and reach out when in need?

Be assured, Love will answer. 

May you be safe. May you be strong. May you live your courageous life. 

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