Wear Your Mask Proudly

Wear Your Mask Proudly by Dru Ann Welch #WUVIP #Mask #TheWellnessUniverse
In life, we all wear masks. Not like Halloween or masquerade masks, but they are masks nonetheless.

Think about it, you have one mask you put on in the morning to head to your job. When you arrive at work, there is another mask you use when talking to co-workers. Another mask sits in your top desk drawer for talking with your boss or supervisor.

You get a break and go to lunch. You put on another mask to talk to the cashier at the deli when you get your sandwich. Perhaps you have another one for when you stop at the coffee shop for your latte.

Then it is back to work. Only now you have on your afternoon mask, this one is usually a little less cheerful than your morning mask. Finally, at 5, you get to leave and it is on with the 5 o’clock somewhere mask to head home.

Depending on your life, you may head home now which will require several other masks. You enter the door and have to put on your parent mask. The parent mask requires you to walk in the door and immediately start telling kids to pick up and do their homework. You may have to put on your husband/wife mask and see how their day went.

If you are single, perhaps you put on your ready to party mask. Time for the blow off some steam mask and it’s off to the bar or restaurant to catch up with friends.

These are just a few of the masks that we actually wear in life. There are also emotional masks we wear such as the concerned friend, the counselor, the emotionally overwrought, I think you get it. Where are YOU in the mix?

In the midst of being everything to everyone and changing with the moment, we forget to take care of the person behind the mask, ourselves.

In a society that keeps us moving and makes tiny icons out of us for everything we do on the internet, who have we become? When was the last time you really stopped and looked at yourself on the inside?

The time has come to take off your mask, step away from your avatar and put down the emoticon.

Let’s go inward a minute and reconnect with the beautiful you that drives all these outside forces. It’s actually a pretty simple and fast formula we are going to use.

First turn off everything, yes that means your cell phone too, sit down. Place your hand on your heart. Close your eyes. Get in touch with your own rhythm a minute, listen to it, feel it, be one with it. Take a slow deep breath through the nose, hold it for a second, release slowly through the mouth. Keep your hand on your heart and eyes closed; let’s do that breath two more times. Breathe deeply through the nose and slow release out the mouth. Excellent! Now open your eyes and then put your hand down.

Doesn’t that feel better? It didn’t take too long either. No more excuses!

It is time to get back into that heart space and find the person that you have been missing under the mask.

Remember how easy this is. When the day is hectic and you can’t take any more, calmly put your hand over your heart and get back into your own rhythm. This will help you handle stress better and it will help you with the difficult choices in life. When we make decisions from a clear heart space our higher self never lets us down.

– Dru Ann