What a Wonderful Feeling to Sing!

Welcome to the 26 days of Happiness! Today is day 10. Please meet featured author Lynanne Cottle from the soon to be released book: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness, sharing their inspiring story!

I don’t sing because I’m Happy. I’m Happy because I sing.

~William James

One of the best and easiest ways to express oneself is through singing. As a collaborative author for The Wellness Universe’s Book of Self Care, 25 Tools for Happiness, the most obvious thing for me to write about was singing. This lifelong practice has enabled me to express and release emotions.

Not until adulthood did I realize that my past childhood trauma had caused a lot of internal confusion. The natural ability to recognize emotions and deal with them in a healthy way was foreign to me until therapy sessions gave me the first opportunity to “check-in” with my feelings and understand myself better. It took many more years for me to see that singing had been a life-saving technique for expressing my emotions. You can read more about that in my chapter.

The Queen of Fake

For most of my life I had been unable to put a name to how I was feeling, let alone express the emotions. I became the Queen of Fake. Appearing to be “strong” and “tough” was just a cover. I was confused about my own identity and I did not know how to express what I was feeling. I have become so passionate about understanding identity that I have created a course called “The Identity Project” (check it out on my website, thesexymama.com). 

No one benefits from holding onto emotions. It does not serve us. There is a time and a place to experience emotions and acknowledge them, and then, to let them go.

Expressing emotions is healthy for wellbeing! Singing is so healthy! That combination makes for a happy person. Permit me to tell you why.

The Feel-Good Chemicals and Singing

Dopamine and endorphins are released which cause us to feel like we’ve been exercising, feeling cheerful and euphoric, as if we are ‘on top of the world.’ Exercise and singing require our bodies to exert more strenuous breathing than we are used to with speaking, such as holding our breath longer, taking deeper or quicker inhales, and exhaling loudly only to get ready for the next surge of energy when we inhale another long, deep breath.

Watch this video to learn a breathing exercise that will expand your lungs. You will feel like you are in the mountains breathing fresh, crisp, clean air. Get ready because your lungs will hold air at their full capacity by using a therapeutic way to inhale and exhale.

A quick singing lesson with Lynanne Cottle

Be sure to see the full voice lesson on my WU profile page to accompany my chapter when the book is released on February 11, 2021.

To happiness and singing!


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