What Are You Harvesting This Fall?

What Are You Going To Harvest This Fall By Bonnie Snyder #WhatAreYouGoingToHarvestThisFall #WUVIP #Fall #Harvest #Autumn #Spirituality #Healing #VioletFlame

“What are you going to be harvesting for fall? It’s time to let go of what has passed and is out of date.”

The leaves have started to turn, the weather is cooler, Halloween goodies are everywhere and even in warmer climates, there is a hint of cool in the air. Colors are bold and vibrant in gardens where pumpkins and fall crops are being harvested.

What are you going to be harvesting this fall?

These past few months have brought us through many energetic portals: the fall equinox, a total lunar eclipse and the ‘super’ blood moon. Mercury is still in retrograde, asking us to go inward. This energy is giving us the ability to be more “light” and to truly Be our “God-selves,” making it easier to move with more grace and ease in our lives.However, it may not always feel like it. Many of my clients, friends and family have been surprised by big changes in their work status. They have found a new place to call their work home or are looking for new ways to work. Relationships seem to be ending, shifting and… new relationships are birthing.This period is one of Assimilation – looking at what is and moving it to what you desire. I, too, was surprised with an abrupt shift when I found, with only a week’s notice, I would lose my amazing and wonderful marketing assistant, Darcy, to the giant Nike. Congratulations, Darcy!

Assimilation – looking at what is and moving it to what you desire.

It’s up-leveling for her right now and I have to believe that it will be for me too. What has worked in the past, no matter how wonderful, is continuing to evolve to higher levels despite what it looks like on the outside. Maybe you have had the urge to clean out, throw out, give away or sell what has been in your homes and offices. Traditionally spring has been the season of cleaning, but this purging is meant for life to be easier and simpler. The clearing of physical space is creating room for our fall “harvest” of the new.What are you going to harvest for fall? It’s time to let go of what has passed and is out of date. One way we harvest and harvest a life of greater ease is through loving ourselves and the focusing on the desires that spill out of our hearts. When they are heart centered and joyful, your desires elevate you and make our world a better place. Your contribution is important.

Keep your heart open and pure for your fall harvest!

During a book signing of Angel Violet’s Magic Wings” this past weekend, I happened to notice some books on the shelf next to me on the Violet Flame. I giggled to myself as Angel Violet’s Magic Wings was inspired by the Violet Flame.

It reminded me of how simple it is to come back into our hearts, restore ourselves to our God- Selves, whether we have been in the crowd, had something challenging happen, need to forgive or have doubts about our ability to create. It reminds us we have access to all within us.

The Violet Flame was first introduced by St. Germaine. Using this beautiful light is not about clearing, it’s about transforming and transmuting so you find your way home to your true, authentic self- your “God Self”.

Easily Use the Violet Flame

Imagine or visualize a beautiful violet flame coming from over the top of your head imagining or visualizing this violet light coming through the crown of your head through your body into the center of the earth. I used it that way for years until I learned that there were words you could use as you visualize this violet light moving through your body.

Many sources believe that the Violet Flame actually shifts the DNA. The Violet Flame is a three-fold flame of gold, pink and blue light. The three flames are said to be a balance of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, and the Gold God flame. The beauty of the Violet Flame is that it continues to evolve with the changes and consciousness of the planet. It was the silver violet flame and now is the Diamond Violet Flame. Of course, I love that!

To invoke the Violet Flame, you can simply say “I Am the purity of God’s Love” as you bring this light through you. I usually do this three times. Or you can use a prayer from The Science of the Spoken Word- St. Germain

I AM the violet flame
In action in me now
I AM the violet flame
To light alone I bow
I AM the violet flame
In Mighty cosmic power
I AM the violet flame
Blazing like the sun,
I AM God’s Sacred power
Freeing everyone

“If you want to listen to a Violet Flame  audio you can go to The Solar Diamond Violet Flame Energy Shifter Audio 

What are you harvesting this fall? Go into your heart and ask:

  •  What outdated belief do I completely want to let go of this fall?
  • Who can I “forgive” or let go of so that new relationships come into my life that honor who I am?
  • What heart’s desire has been stirring? Now is the time to take a risk and follow it,
  • Try this one “I am curious how … will show up in my life?”

If things start to get hairy, as you focus on your fall harvest, just let the emotion move through you. Honor it, then you check to see what you’re thinking. Can you cultivate that part of you that is the observer and knows that all will be okay?

Use whatever creates grace and inner peace: prayer, tapping, calming audios, meditation, take a walk, use the Violet Flame, etc. to continue to transmute the energy to return to a place where you heart is open to the new beginning.

Enjoy the smell, color and the activities of the season,


Original Source to Article, with Many Thanks To Bonnie Snyder

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