What Are Your Belief Systems Saying?

What Are Your Belief Systems Saying? by Teri Mosey #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BeliefSystems
My exploration of food has taken me on quite a journey.

At the time that I dove into what nutrition was all about, I did not know that it was going to be so life-changing. I intended to remove several physical symptoms I was experiencing, from digestive issues, chronic fatigue, asthma, hormone imbalances. Who knew this journey would open up a new world to me?

The best part is that it continues to do so.

Behind all the practical food strategies, a space to go towards my ultimate life intention opened up; to be the best version of myself; to begin making choices that would bring me closer to the life I wanted to be living. I had to go past the calories, the nutrients, and healthier cooking techniques. I needed to have a conversation with myself for any change to occur.

That conversation was about my thoughts.

Here’s the thing; everything that we experience can be traced past the physical world to the energetics of life. For us to heal anything requires that we go to the energetics, to the soul level.

We need to reach the quantum field. Quantum physics is our latest understanding of how the universe and everything within it works. One valuable understanding is that our thoughts are super powerful. They create the experiences we have in this physical world.

Everything is energy. Anything we “see” with our naked eye has a specific vibration that through our observation takes physical form. I know that may sound weird, a mouthful, or too science-y.

Maybe you have heard of the law of attraction or Like attracts like? What you put out into the universe is what comes back to you. It’s an interaction of energy. And it begins with your thoughts.

Thoughts create belief systems that you live by either consciously or as a habit. Let’s start with our relationship with food.

Beyond the calories, grams of protein, choice of cooking technique, what food tribe to join, I ask, what are your thoughts surrounding food? What are your belief systems about your relationship with food?

Do your thoughts/beliefs/words/actions support your desires? To heal from illness, lose weight and keep it off, feelings of overall well-being.

Do any of these thoughts resonate with you?
  • “I can’t.”
  • “I’ll never lose weight.”
  • “This meal is bad for me. I’ll be putting on weight after I eat this.”
  • “I’ll try.”
  • “If I eat healthily, I’ll have to sacrifice what I like.”
  • “Changing my diet feels like punishment.”
  • “I don’t have the time.”
  • “I don’t like this.”
  • “I’m not good at this.”
Replace those thoughts with:
  • “I know that healing requires me to do things differently, and I’m open to doing this.”
  • “Feeling challenged is not a bad thing.”
  • “I’m willing to put in the effort.”
  • “Feeling uncomfortable during times of change is part of the process.”
Thoughts are energy. Thoughts create EVERYTHING.

Did you know that 75% of dieters admit to unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to food and their body image?

Most dieters intellectually go on a diet. That means they try to lose weight by counting calories, lowering their food intake, and bumping up their fit bit action. The underlying issue is deep down they doubt the weight loss will ever happen. Their thoughts are not aligned with what they wish to experience. Those individuals will continue to struggle with their weight; no matter how good their food choices are.

If you find yourself continually thinking and saying, “I don’t have the time,” you will find yourself in circumstances that eat up all your time. When you place your attention and thoughts on what you don’t want, that’s what you are going to get more of!

Our healing, our change, our journey to be the best version of ourselves, requires we go all the way back to our thoughts, to their connection with our soul, and to the quantum field. Do you see how this can change your life?

Again, I ask, what are your daily thoughts?

Are they supporting what you wish to experience? Or doing the complete opposite? Now, this takes effort on a daily basis. Releasing old thought patterns and belief systems takes patience and a lot of practice. I promise it will get easier.

Each time you find yourself in a negative thought pattern, or having thoughts that are not aligned with what you wish to achieve or experience, all you need to do is interrupt it. Stop the thought and shift your thinking to something else.

Each time you stop a thought process, you are lessening its neurological strength in your mind. The more frequently we fire specific neurological patterns, the stronger they become, the more they become a habit.

By the way, many belief systems are not even true!

We’ve just repeated so many times that what we believe is so! Begin by living consciously. Get off of autopilot. Show up to the process each day. Become more aware of your thoughts and when needed, interrupt them.

Keep at it, and you will be creating a new reality, a reality that is one step closer to the best version of yourself.


– Teri

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