What Color is Your Soul?

What Color is Your Soul? by Stephanie Ignazio #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WhatColor

What Color is Your Soul? by Stephanie Ignazio #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WhatColor

Please enjoy part 1 of Stephanie Ignazio’s 7-part “What Color is Your Soul?” blog series and learn about the correlation between colors and our lives.

Do you have a favorite color? I get asked that A LOT. My answer?


My favorite color is RAINBOW!

As a former art teacher, I spent many years teaching children all about color. It was one of my FAVORITE things to teach. Mixing up puddles of paint in all shades and tones while wearing our “color scientist’s hats”… nothing like the JOY that color can bring!

As an art student, I was fascinated by color, and many times I would let one color overtake a painting as I became obsessed with it. My poor art teacher. I will never forget her coming around the corner to see my latest and greatest painting featuring the strong Alizarin Crimson as the star. (Alizarin Crimson is an intense reddish purple color)

As a fashion student, I wore a lot of black thinking that would make me more credible, artsy, and serious. Honestly, it made me slightly depressed! (The colors you wear can affect your mood. More on that later)

I am a person who NEEDS color around me.

My closet is filled with loads of patterns and color. My studio is covered in colorful patterned fabric walls.

(I have since added a beautiful colorful rug since this photo was taken!)

I once had a friend count the colors in my living room alone … slightly embarrassing, but eye-opening. Luckily, I have a husband who appreciates my artistic eye!

As an illustrator and artist, I find myself reaching for the same colors over and over. At times, I question myself. I wonder what IS it about those colors that I love? Why do they make me so happy? Why do they find their way into almost all of my artwork?

I decided to challenge myself to create a body of work with ONE color as the star of each creation. To go back into my studies of color and learn all about what makes each color special; what each color symbolizes according to the color gurus of the world. To create with the intention of illustrating the special qualities of each color. To inspire myself to get out of my same-color-ness and explore all the variety that is available.

And of course, to teach about my love of color!

I call this whole series “WHAT COLOR IS YOUR SOUL?”

We, as humans, come in a wide variety of colors. Even cosmetic companies are finally coming around to the fact that 12 shades of foundation cannot even begin to help women find their unique shade. In recent years, many cosmetic companies have realized that each and every day a new skin shade is potentially created, and have upped their foundation creation to new heights; some companies offering up to 66 shades. And still, that is not enough.

(Image courtesy of Loreal.com)

Look for a moment at your own skin. Can you name what color you are?

You might come up with names like cream, tan, peach, honey, chocolate. But really… ARE you that color?

Those words are ways that we describe color so that others can know what we are talking about. Pretty broadly based, not quite exactly the color you are.

You are a MIX of shades and tones. Like everything in the world!

Honestly, there is no way you could even come close to the millions of colors that are in this world.

The way our brains work is to lump groups of colors together. (Blues with blues, greens altogether, etc.) This helps our brain to recognize color, as well as, discuss it with others. If you’re an artist or maybe work for Pantone, the largest color company in the world, you might come up with a few more than most, but you will never quite completely name all of them!

We know the colors that we like and we definitely know that colors that we don’t like!

I hope you will join me for the remaining 6 installments of this 7-part series all about COLOR.

See you next week!  We’ll be learning all about the PASSION and EXCITEMENT of RED!

– Stephanie 

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