What Is Your Gift to This World?

What Is Your Gift to This World? by LaTanya Hill #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Gift

I have written about how Reiki can help a person in many ways, but there are things that most people don’t realize about energy healing.

It is something we are all born with and never leaves us, it only remains dormant. Every person on this plane of existence can tap into another plane of existence, one composed of pure energy. It is all around us never-ending and forever moving. And yet, so many of us choose not to delve into that area of knowledge. Is it because we have allowed dogma to control us and lead us into a specific pathway or is it because we have been trained from childhood to follow a specific pattern and that anything outside that pattern is abnormal? Who decided that we should follow only one trail in this world? Who told you that what has been implanted in society is the only way?

We are all beings of light who are searching for the right path. There were so many times in my life when the Universe showed me my true purpose and I denied it because it did not fit in with society. Now, I am a Reiki Master who is in full realization of what my gift is to this world.

What is yours?

When you were a child, what did you hope to be? A firefighter? A doctor? A magician? It matters not. These are constructs of society. Positions that will place you on a certain social stratum in this world. I ask you now as an adult, teen, or preteen to look within, deep within your inner self, and acknowledge the gifts you have been given, not the ones implanted from this world. What has the Universe called you to do? Are you living your true life? I thought I was living mine when Reiki called to me. When I answered, my entire perspective about this world and the people inhabiting it changed. It opened my spiritual eye, ears, and tongue to a level I would never have fathomed possible. I still sense when the Universe raises my vibration and opens this physical frame of mine to a deeper understanding of this plane.

There is a verse in the Christian bible that tells people that though they are in this world, they are not of this world. Not many delve deeply into this verse, passing it by as if it is a simple thought. Reiki does not allow that to happen. There is no hiding in Reiki, no way to lie or alter the truth. It takes you to those dark, deep places inside and forces them to the forefront while showing you what the true world contains.

We are surrounded by energy, light, and vibrations within the air.

We have only to tap into that energy to feel the power it contains. Go back into that moment of childhood when you could hear the birds talking, see beings of light around you, and feel the peace of their presence. Let those feelings of goodness diminish the harshness experienced in this world. Open your spiritual eye and see what beautiful bounty is around. Don’t be deceived or led into the dark corners of a material existence. Remember to be in this world, but not of it. When you are met with challenges that seem to overwhelm when you feel as if there is no hope when you are met with those who would use you for their own gain, tap into your healing energy to protect and release any negative influences from others. You are not a servant of society.

This world is not meant to be a place of torment, but we have allowed it to overwhelm us. We have divided ourselves by race, religion, culture, or anything else that makes us feel better. Why? The spiritual body is not happy with division. It wants to communicate and be one with its brothers and sisters. It does not care what flesh it carries. It only cares what good the flesh does in this world. If you can live as a spiritual creature in a physical frame, you will realize the temporality of it all. We are all humans existing for a moment in time. Enjoy this experience and let your spirit guide you. Let your energy combine with that of the Universe.

Then, you will know what your gift is to this world.

– LaTanya

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