What Is Energy Healing?

What Is Energy Healing? by LaTanya Hill #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #EnergyHealing

While growing up down South, my family and I would go to week-long revivals held under tents.

If you do not know what a revival is, then allow me to explain. It is a religious event in which a traveling pastor gives a sermon to the community and offers healing to those afflicted of any physical, emotional, or mental ailment. At the highest level, the pastor would remove evil spirits and demons from the person’s body, which for him, was the cause of the ailment. This rudimentary and admittedly at times, charlatan-like healing was the basis for my interest in the healing arts. It started me to practice on myself as a pre-teen. I would touch any part of my body that was in pain or bruised and try to will it to heal.

As I continued to mature, the practice never stopped, it became more fine-tuned even though I had no idea what I was really doing, which could be said for some of the pastors of my youth. Now, as a Reiki Master, I completely understand what was occurring in the revivals and what happens now in an energy healing session. Anyone can become an energy healer because we are all born with the ability to heal ourselves and therefore, others. It is only as we grow older that we forget that innate skill by focusing on other things besides maintaining a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit in an energetic manner.

When a person practices Reiki energy healing, that person is tapping into the universal energy that connects all of us.

What Is Energy Healing? #EnergyHealing
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This energy is a conscious entity that is pure healing. Once a practitioner begins to channel this energy for another person, whether it be hands-on, hands-off, or distance channeling, there is a natural balancing of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body of the person. All energy healers have learned how to tap into their innate gifts and more. They have learned how to feel, move, and elevate the energy surrounding all of us. By doing this, the healer is able to focus universal energy by channeling it directly to the person in need to release stagnant energy and clear away blockages.

We all have an energy field around our physical body called the aura or spirit body, and the body itself contains seven large chakra centers, located vertically within and above the body, with various chakra points throughout the body. The energy in the body flows through meridians which are energy channels on the body that connect to specific organs. As long as energy flows properly, the body may remain in balance. However, if it does not, an energy healer will assist you in restoring proper flow and clearing away blockages or attachments caused by outside events. Say a person is suffering an illness, injury, or traumatic event, this can cause a blockage in the energy field or chakra that prevents the universal energy from flowing properly throughout the body. These blockages can also become attached to any of the chakras and continue to cause specific harm to the physical body.

By opening a door, the energy healer has created a healing space in which the highest self of that person is able to reach down and heal its physical form in whatever manner it deems appropriate, which allows the energy to properly flow once again. To be more specific, the healer is able to move energy so that there is a connection from the person to the universe. After this is done, the universal energy enters the auric and physical form of the person which cleanses out any negative or stagnant energy, allowing the person to heal naturally and more efficiently.

With all the benefits of energy healing, please note that it is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Energy healing is a complementary field of medicine that aids the healing process, whether that means acceptance of a situation, alleviation, or minimization of pain after treatment, speeding up the healing process after surgery, or releasing an emotional or mental trauma that still affects a person. Energy healing is a technique that helps balance out a person’s life through self-healing.

– LaTanya

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