What is the Causal Body?

What is the Causal Body? By Jill Leigh #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CausalBody

The Causal Body is the energy system for our Mental Experience. But before we jump in, let’s touch on what we’ve learned so far.

Quick Recap:

There are Three Energy Bodies:

  1. Etheric Body:

Is tied to the physical body (if you haven’t yet read about the etheric energy system, that’s a great place to start)

  1. Astral Body:

This is the energy system for our emotional experience. This is the system that includes the chakras that are most often talked about.

  1. Mental Body:

This is divided into mental and causal subplanes or fields. The Mental Body is a split plane.

The two components are:

  1. Mental subplane.
  2. Causal subplane.

Each is quite different, and very unusually paired in your Mental Body.


  • Cells and Structures/Systems and Processes for the Human Body.
  • Concrete Intellect.
  • Higher Mind.


  • Karmic Load.
  • Belief Systems.
  • Soul Light.

Concrete Intellect:

When we think about the mind-body connection, a lot of people think in terms of their concrete intellect (their thinker). The part that’s able to make a grocery list and generate big ideas. But there’s so much more going on in your mental body.

Cells and Structures/Systems and Processes for the Human Body:

Your mental body connects deeply with your physical body. There are subplanes in the Mental body that I find fascinating because they’re tied to the cells, structures, and functions of your physical body. If we didn’t have this information held in the mental plane, then my heart might breathe, and your heart might pump blood. What we need in order to have proper body function, is a coherent agreement with the idea of the human body that says, “the heart pumps blood and the lungs breathe.” Those kinds of functions are actually agreed upon and held in place in the Mental plane and our mental bodies so that our physical bodies perform the ways they’re supposed to. Fascinating, right?

Same with our cells. All of our cells have specific functions that are agreed to so that a skin cell does something very different than a cell lining your intestine. Even though both are processing energy (and air and blood, etc.), each cell knows its distinct role by virtue of the information held in the Mental Plane.

Higher Mind: When you operate at the genius level.

There’s also a part of the mental body that we would call the Higher Mind or the part of your intellect that operates at a genius level. People like Tesla and Einstein spent a lot of time in the Higher Mind – that place where scientific discovery is actualized. For a lot of us, we spend most of our time in the concrete intellect and then some time in that genius space. Think about the times when you have a brilliant idea, and you know it’s powerful and right. That’s when you’re up in your Higher Mind.

In summary, the Mental Body is the mind with form.

The concrete intellect allows you to generate ideas, whether it’s a shopping list or the idea of building a Tesla. The concrete intellect and the Higher Mind are forming ideas that then become real. And, of course, the cells and structures of the body also have form, mass, and density.

Now that we’ve covered the components of the Mental subplane, we can turn our awareness to the Causal subplanes.

The Causal Body:

The Causal Mind is formless mind. The formless mind of the Causal subplanes carries three fascinating esoteric aspects that we can learn to access and evolve. One: it carries our karmic load.

Karmic Load:

If you’ve studied energy, you may know about karma and you may have a sense of what karma is. For those of you who don’t have a sense, here’s a tiny primer: my essence-self has chosen this particular incarnation, and I’m working out a bunch of stuff while I’m here, and what I’m working out is – in part – my karma from other lifetimes.

I’ve done good things in other lifetimes (I hope), and therefore, have positive karma from which I’m benefitting. I also have negative karma that are causative factors or hidden inspiration for experiences that I create and explore to work through and resolve. The whole system of debits and credits (our karmic load) is available to us (we can access it) and is stored in the Causal subplanes.

Across incarnations, as I resolve negative karma and as I spend positive karma, my “balance sheet” gets updated in the Causal subplanes. I know that everything I’m doing in this lifetime is creating some set of karma for whatever I do next.

The thing to note at this point is that Karmic information is accessed and updated in the Causal subplanes. As students and clients at EHI learn to practice deep, specific energy work, they can consciously access their Karma in the Causal, and then clear energy in the Astral Field (the Emotional body) to evolve their energy and their karma. They’re not canceling out their karma, they’re evolving their energy and subsequently, their experience.

Belief Systems:

Your belief systems are also created in the Causal subplane. If you listened to the Astral video, you know that belief systems are actualizing through your sixth chakra, in the center of your head. However, they’re not created in the sixth chakra. They’re created in the Causal subplanes, and they essentially get downloaded to the 6th chakra, so you can use your beliefs to attract and frame your experience.

But what about other beliefs? Those beliefs like I’m not thin enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not funny enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not fill-in-the-blank enough? Those beliefs get formed in the causal subplanes as a result of our experiences. Somehow, somewhere we’re told we’re fat or we’re not smart, or whatever it might be, and we take them in and we make them true. And then, using our Astral and Etheric and Mental/Causal energy systems, through our chakras, we go out and create experiences where we can be right. We find ourselves to be not pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, funny enough, rich enough, whatever it is.

We can learn to work in the Causal subplanes to shift our belief systems. It’s truly powerful to be able to shift long-held, limiting beliefs, knowing that as they shift, the Astral 6th chakra will ‘get the memo,’ and begin resonating and actualizing an evolved experience. It’s a beautiful thing.

Soul Light:

The last thing that is up there in the Causal subplane is the ability to perceive the Soul Light. This is a really interesting construct, and I’ll share the teachings at just an overview-level because it’s fairly complex. But here’s the idea:

The Soul is accessible to you. Through the Causal subplanes, you can learn to access the Light of the Soul as it shines down into the Causal.

Your soul learns from you. When you’ve completed an experience, and grokked (deeply understood and acknowledged) the learnings, teachings, insights, and benefits of that experience, the grokked information is accessible to the soul in the Causal subplanes; it can and does learn from your completed awareness. You’re always in connection with your soul through the Causal subplanes. You can actually learn from your soul through the Causal connection.

I like to note that the soul doesn’t enter the physical body, nor does the soul doesn’t enter the emotional body.

You are a sovereign being and you access your soul through the Causal subplanes. In authentic connections to the soul, it’s easy to think the connection happened in the physical body, often reported as occurring in the heart, but in reality, it’s happening in the Causal subplanes.

I do hope that this series has been useful for you, that you feel more informed about who you are, and the beauty, elegance, complexity, and integration of your energy bodies.

– Jill

Source for the full-length article: 

  • https://energyhealinginstitute.org/causal-body/

A video for those who are interested: 

  • https://youtu.be/veCNMMG_XJ4

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